Wants to officially visit Nebraska

It's been awhile since Nebraska got a lineman out of Georgia. You probably have to go back to Le Kevin Smith, who graduated from Nebraska in 2005, as the last lineman from there to have a major impact for the Big Red. It's impossible to know if Quincy McKinney would be that next one. But he'll have an impact, wherever he goes. And he said that he'd like one of his official visits to be to Lincoln.

At 6-3 and 300 lbs., Quincy McKinney is a load on the offensive line.

He's projected to the guard position at the collegiate level, but with what he says are some of his strength, he could be play anywhere in the trenches and probably be just fine. "I have great feet. I never stop driving. I don't stop until my guy is on the ground," he said. "My hand placement is very precise. I always have my hands where they are supposed to be, run blocking and pass blocking. And I'm a hard worker. Never give up."

Along with the technique McKinney brings the right attitude. "You have to be mean. You can't care. You have to want to dominate your man every single snap of the game," he said.

That combination has worked as he's holding seven offers right now, those coming from Southern Miss., Duke, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Florida State, Nebraska and Western Kentucky. McKinney said that soon he plans to add a few more, potentially adding offers from North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia and Clemson.

When talking about his favorites, you'd think that they would be with the schools he's the most familiar with. And with some of these even a couple which haven't offered as of yet, he's very familiar. "I've been to Auburn four times, Clemson three times, Georgia twice, Georgia Tech twice and Alabama as well as Rutgers once," he said.

If the Rutgers visit seems a bit out of place with the rest, one must remember that McKinney is originally from New Jersey.

So, you can imagine weather isn't a huge criteria to him.

But with all that familiarity he has with these programs, he said he grew up a huge fan of one which isn't on his list as of right now. "I was always a big Miami guy. I grew up watching them almost all the time," he said.

With that being said, however, he said childhood dreams don't necessarily translate to his college future, because there is a lot more than fandom that will go into his choice down the road. "Wherever I fit, if it's across the country it won't matter. Just wherever I fit the best," he said. "And I just want to be a better player and be happy. I know I can go someplace to be a better player, but maybe not be happy. I want to be comfortable with where I go."

When you look at his list of offers, the Huskers come in as the odd duck of sorts, being the one program which is smack dab in the middle of the country. The offer itself kind of threw him, especially when you consider where all the other attention was coming from. But he said once it did, it wasn't hard to give Nebraska a solid look. "I know they send a lot of players to the pros, especially offensive linemen. And I know it's a great program with a lot o history of winning," McKinney said. "So, I'm willing to learn more about them and visit the campus."

That visit would have to wait until the season so it could be one of his five official visits. It's a trip that as of right now he said he's definitely going to make, along with a trip to Michigan State. But McKinney doesn't plan on dragging his decision making process out throughout the entire season if he can help it.

"I'd like to get it over with by the middle of the year. But I'd like to get it over with before my season is over," he said. "But I don't know. We'll have to see how that goes."

It's a season that McKinney can't wait for, because he said that this is his team's year. What he says and how he says it might also give you a window into how he thinks. To some it might not be all that appealing. But to those who think of winning and little else, how McKinney approaches this year and an upcoming game against a rival which actually plays two classifications above them, might just be what you are looking for.

"Oh, we're winning state this year. No doubt. We have the team for it and there's nobody who can beat us," he said. "There is this team, Hardaway, which was 4A, but will be going to 5A this year. So, they think they are all that. But everyone knows that here in Columbus where they play too, there's one team that's the best.

"It's us."

McKinney said that they will have their chance to show that once again around the fourth or fifth week of the schedule when his Tigers face the Hardaway Hawks.

As for favorites in the recruiting process, McKinney said that right now that isn't nearly as certain. "I have a good feel for a lot of programs, because I have been there a lot of times. But I still don't know if this school is better than another," he said. "I don't know how long it's going to take to figure that out. I'm not sure. I guess if I knew I'd make my decision now. I'm just going to learn as much as I can about everyone who is showing interest."


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