Another at Millard South

Last year it was Bronson Marsh. All that Coach Andy Means could tell you about Marsh was that he was a gamer and a winner. Nebraska ended up offering a gray shirt offer to Marsh to probably play in the secondary. This player has lined up at linebacker the last two years, but probably project to another position like Marsh.

Déjà vu for another Omaha (Nebr.) Millard South player who isn't the ideal size for a player at his position, but if you see Quentin Urban on film you'll see a real player. While his size doesn't translate well that hasn't stopped teams from coming by the school.

"Things are going good," Urban said. "Quite a few schools have stopped by to see me and quite a few have been contacting me and they are all telling me the same thing about my size.

"I am not a very tall guy, I am about 5-foot-10 or so, and all of the schools have invited me to their camps after telling me that they liked my film. They really want to see me work out in person before anything else can happen."

Urban isn't entirely sure who all of the schools are that have stopped by Millard South and inquired about him. The list of schools is pretty impressive.

"I know that North Dakota State, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Dakota and other Big 10 and Big 12 teams for the most part. It's really been mostly Midwest teams that have come to see me."

Urban has had his time limited because of another sport that he plays. However, he was able to get out to a couple of junior days.

"I couldn't go to any spring games because I am playing baseball. I went to Iowa and Nebraska's junior days. I really thought that those trips went well and I liked both places a lot."

Urban is really getting ready to spend a lot of time at camps this summer. He literally has a list of 10+ schools that he will going to their camp in about a month.

"I am planning on going to a lot of camps this summer. Hopefully that goes well and I would like to get a scholarship. There are a lot of schools that I am going to go camp at.

"I am going to camp at Nebraska, Iowa, Iowa State, Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota State and I am not sure after that. I think that I am going to be gone for 15 days straight in June."

The size is an issue for schools, but that is at the linebacker position. Urban hasn't always been a linebacker and he's made a position change because the team needed him to.

"I have had to play inside linebacker the past two years, but originally I played safety. That is really where all of the schools are looking at me to play at defensive back and more as an athlete.

"I have been working on my 40 time and I got it down to a 4.51 recently. I want to get faster. After playing safety to my sophomore year, then moving to linebacker, I think that the transition back to safety will be easy. Things are faster at linebacker and it has helped me understand the game."

Another option for Urban is moving over to the offensive side of the football. Urban got a chance to do a little bit of everything on offense this past season and some teams have said he could work out on offense this summer at camp.

"I love playing offense. I played more of an H-Back this year and did a little running back and a little receiver depending on the formation. A lot of schools said I can work offense and defense at camp this summer like slot receiver.

"I do have more of a defensive mentality, but I am completely open to playing whatever position a school recruits me to play on offense or defense. A school could say that they like me as a kicker and I would do it."

If Nebraska offered Urban it would be an offer that he would be very happy to get, but it wouldn't have that profound effect where he would immediately commit. That is due in large part to not originally being from Nebraska.

"I am actually from Kansas City and moved up here just before high school. I respect Nebraska and I really like how they play football, but they are really just another school for me.

"If they show me some attention and ask me to go there then I am definitely going to consider them. I am not one of those people that need to stay close to home or go far away. I think that they are a great school and it would be a great experience, but I am not dead set on going there."

Urban had 46 rushing attempts for 552 yards, averaging 12 yards per carry and scored 11 touchdowns. He also hauled in 27 receptions for 353 yards, averaging 13.1 yards per catch and scored eight touchdowns. On defense Urban had 49 total tackles and also had two punt returns for touchdowns.


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