Clearing the air

It's something that players that decide to commit early sometimes need to face. There is time that is between when they choose to commit until they can actually sign. During that time there are going to be stories, rumors and ultimately things that need to be address. Ryan Klachko just isn't sure how these things have gotten started.

It's the evaluation period and it could have been a lot busier for Ryan Klachko if he wasn't a Nebraska commitment. The 6-foot-4 and 280-pound lineman from Springfield (Ill.) Sacred Heart Griffin has only seen a couple of coaches come by his school.

"I haven't seen too many schools by my school," Klachko said. "I have only seen coaches there at the school maybe once or twice.

"I know that Coach Shawn Watson was here and Coach Barney Cotton is coming next week. This week is the off-week."

A recent article that people have been talking about perceived the situation as Klachko being disappointed. According to Klachko he's not disappointed and actually knew that this would happen.

"It's not a disappointment. I knew that when I committed that things were going to quiet down. It's just part of the game.

"I am not disappointed at all. I am happy that I am finally committed and the fact that it's a lot slower is just what it is."

A story is a story, but people sometimes take that and twist it. This is where rumors get started. Recently there have been some that made it sound like Klachko could be persuaded to look elsewhere at some schools. He disagrees.

"I would like to know who has been saying those things. I am 100% committed to Nebraska and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon. I am excited to be part of the future at Nebraska.

"They're all full of it. I am committed to Nebraska and that's not changing. Purdue has been in to see me because they were my first offer and we have a lot of ties to Purdue with my school."

Another thing that Klachko talked about was the bond that he and the other offensive line commitments have started to develop. The four of them have contests going already between the four of them.

"We all get along great. There's Dylan Admire, Ryne Reeves, Tyler Moore and myself and we are all on Facebook and have a contest going about growing beards. We all get along really, really well."


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