Vote YES May 11 for the Arena

Come May 11th, there will be a vote for the new Lincoln Arena. It's a proposal that will add jobs, offer a new and much needed home for Husker basketball and it will generate a large amount of revenue for the city. When May 11 arrives, vote YES for this new and ultimately beneficial project for the capital city.

The Lincoln Haymarket Arena project will help bring new jobs to Lincoln and strenthen our economy without increasing property taxes.

During construction, there will be and $800 million boost to the economy and 7,800 jobs generated. Once completed, the project will bring 1,200 new, permanent jobs to the community and $260 million in annual economic activity.

First-class entertainment and a new home for Husker basketball without increasing property taxes. Vote YES for the Lincoln Haymarket Arena May 11th.


Click HERE to learn much more about this new and exciting venture.

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