Planning a visit to NU

Nebraska is looking to develop depth and try and find some ways to account for the graduation of Ndamukong Suh. The Huskers have been very particular when it comes to their offers to defensive lineman it seems and this recruit knows it. While Nebraska is a bit of a haul for him he is planning a visit to see Nebraska unofficially later this year.

The evaluation period has been going strong for a little while now and Mickey Johnson of Covington (La.) Saint Paul has liked it. He admits there is some pressure with the coaches being there, but he has been just blocking it out.

"It's going good," Johnson said. "I am liking it right now. It feels good to know that they are there to see me, but when they are at my practice I block out that they are there and practice the way I practice.

"I try not to show off when they are there. I try to go out there and just do what I am supposed to because when you start showing off you mess up on something. I try to do what always do like they aren't there."

Over the off-season there were some things that Johnson wanted to get better at. Johnson wanted work on his hands, moves and his overall conditioning.

"I wanted to work on my hand placement. I also wanted to work on my conditioning. I wanted to become an every down player. I was really working on different moves besides the bull rush."

Johnson doesn't play just one spot along the defensive line. His team moves people around a lot to stunt and not allow teams to plan for him. He is being told that he could play either at the next level.

"We shift a lot and I do a lot of stunts and stuff, but I can play both the nose and the tackle. I am being told by Texas A&M and Alabama that they like me at the one and everyone else is saying as a three.

"I am a great run-stopper, but I am also a good pass rusher. I can get up in the backfield quickly with my strength and my speed to disrupt things. I pursue things inside out."

Johnson has over 20 offers at the moment and the list continues to grow all of the time. "I have about 25 offers right now. The last schools to offer were Michigan, Alabama and Illinois. I haven't thought about a list of favorites at all."

Johnson has only taken two trips up to this point, but is planning on taking at least five more. Johnson is looking for a school with a balance of athletics and academics plus distance will not play into his decision at all.

"I have taken a trip to Alabama and LSU so far. I plan on going up to Nebraska, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Tulsa and Texas A&M. I am looking at the academics and athletics of the schools and the atmosphere. Distance doesn't matter at all."

The Huskers made quite an impression on the nation last year, in defeat, when they played Texas in the Big 12 Championship. Johnson and people at his school took notice of the defense at Nebraska.

"I didn't really know a lot Nebraska until I watched their game against Texas. The next day at school everyone was telling me that I reminded them of that guy (Ndamukong Suh) and then Nebraska offered me and people went crazy.

"I am going to do my research on them and I am planning on taking a visit to see them. I can say that they will more than likely be in my top five. I like Nebraska."


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