Top 14 WR says everyone even right now

Ranked the 14th best receiver in the country, you can imagine Maryland prep star Darius Jennings has a bevy of offers to choose from. He does, and the list is continuing to grow. The Huskers have already extended the superstar wideout an offer. So, what chance does the Big Red have in landing this big time ball catcher?

The first thing to know about wide receiver Darius Jennings is that he doesn't play wide receiver for his school.

He's the quarterback.

Well, more in name than in actual duty, because as Jennings would tell you, his ability to throw isn't exactly a priority. "We run almost everything out of the "Wildcat" formation, and I'll run it 20 to 25 times a game and throw it maybe four," said Jennings who totaled over 2,000 yards rushing as a junior, scoring 25 times on the ground.

The funny part is outside of the position he'll play again this year and probably in the trenches, that's almost the only positions he's not being recruited to play. "Oh, wide receiver mostly, but some are recruiting me to play corner. Some are recruiting me to play running back. Some as an athlete and some don't know where they want me. They just offered me," he said.

At close to six-foot tall and around 180 lbs., Jennings' 10.7 100 meter speed is obviously a big reason why this young man is being offered anywhere from Maryland, his home state school to UCLA, which is one of the most recent offers Jennings said he has gotten, moving his total to 27 thus far.

That's a lot of offers.

So many, that Jennings takes a somewhat unique approach to them versus what you might hear or read from other recruits. "I have talked to Notre Dame and they haven't offered yet. And I know USC just requested film on me. But honestly, I was happy with one offer and now I have 26 more," he said. "There's not a school which hasn't offered me that I want to. Right now I have enough. It's a blessing to have what I have now."

You can figure there is some affection for the home state school, especially since Maryland was the first to offer Jennings. But there is also some for Iowa, Jennings saying that there are a few connections to the Hawkeyes and their head coach. "Iowa signed two seniors from my high school, and when coach Ferentz was with the Baltimore Ravens his son played here at Gilman," Jennings said.

As for the Huskers, there isn't that kind of connection, as you might figure. But Darius said that with the Huskers as it will be with every other school which has offered him, there will be no narrowed list any time soon. "I don't know a lot about Nebraska. I know they have been by the school during the Spring and I talked to them on the phone a couple of times," he said. "But they are even with everyone else right now."

Part of the reason for not even trying to narrow his list down right now is that Jennings decided that recruiting will be around for him to get to at some point when it's more appropriate. "We just really decided to put recruiting off to the side, so I could stay on point with my school and my track season," he said. "I haven't thought about unofficial visits, camps or any of that. When track is done we might look into it a bit more."

When it comes to distance, region of the country, conference preferences or any of that, Jennings said that's one area where he's trying to be as firm as he can in making his college choice. The basic idea is that whether it's five minutes away or 20 hours away, everyone is going to be the same.

"I'm really trying to make distance a non-factor. I'm also trying to make the conference a non-factor. Whether it's here, the west coast or wherever, if it fits me that's where I am going to go," Jennings said. "I don't want to limit my options before I have really even started looking at them all. So, everyone is in the picture right now."

The only thing Jennings said he has thought about to any great extent is the type of offense which might suit him best. He figures it to be a combination of the spread, but with enough of what they do in the NFL, should he make it to that level, the transition isn't as hard. But just like the schools are with him, he's not even certain what position he'll play. So, even that criteria isn't so easy to pin down.

"I guess since I don't have a set position, it's hard to know what kind of offense I like, because I might not even be on offense in college," he said. "That's another thing I'll get figured out at some point. I honestly don't have a preference right now. I just want to play. I just want to help my team."


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