Mythbusters: Recruiting in the Big 12

So much talk about this merger that was, but wasn't, that could be, but might not be. But it sure does look good on paper, doesn't it? Nebraska going to the Big 10. But there are myths involved with that, that being thought processes that are basically incorrect. Let's go with dispelling one which seems to have taken hold.

Leaving the Big 12 will not hurt recruiting in Texas.

I've seen that all over by this point.

The lack of at least one game each year inside the Lone Star State, is apparently inconsequential.

One of the main reasons for believing that is that Nebraska has to recruit nationally every year. So, it's not like they are just now dipping into Texas over the last 14 years the Big 12 conference has been formed.

No, that's correct. Nebraska did have some players from Texas on their rosters from the previous 105 years.

However, it might surprise you to find out just how many.

From 1996 to now, which includes the class of 2010, Nebraska totals 63 separate players listed from the state of Texas. That does include non-scholarship players, but as it's impossible (or darn difficult) to determine who did and didn't have scholarships in the 60s, I figured to just list them all.

That should mean there's going to be an enormous disparity between Texas players on Husker rosters since the formation of the conference and Texas players on Husker rosters the previous century-plus.

We also have to take into account that the numbers greatly fall in favor of the Husker teams prior to the formation of the conference. Until scholarship limitations took place in the late-90s, seeing close to 200 players on the roster wasn't uncommon.

So, another indication that the numbers between then and now are going to be even more ridiculous.

How ridiculous?


That's the difference

The difference between separate players on the roster from Texas from 1996 through today and the players on the roster from Texas from 1890 through 1995….is seven.

70 players.

Go ahead and count them. I did.

From 1956 When Bennie Dillard became the first player listed on a Husker roster from the state of Texas (Mt. Pleasant, to be precise) to Julius Jackson, one of eight players listed on the Husker roster in 1995 (the other seven were Kicker Kris Brown, safety Octavious McFarlin, offensive lineman Aaron Taylor, offensive lineman Mike Van Cleave, defensive lineman Scott Saltsman and offensive lineman Aaron Graham)….70 total players.

That surprise you?

It sure surprised me.

And it proves beyond any shadow of any doubt that while such greats as those you remember from the list above along with the likes of Jake Young, Broderick Thomas and Turner Gill – did indeed come from the state of Texas, there were a lot more players who came from that state who you wouldn't be able to name even if I gave you either their first or last name to use as a starting point to guessing.

Did you know that only two players  from the state of Texas found themselves on a Husker roster during their back-to-back national titles in 70 and 71?

Do you know who they were?

Doug Jamail and Dan Malone.

Do you know who they were now?

Probably not.

If there is a myth, it's that you need Texas players to win national titles.

But getting some sure wouldn't hurt.

And the Big 12 makes it possible, certainly more possible than it ever was over the history of this program before this league came into being.

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