Picks up first offer

Jimmie Forsythe has more things in common with Bronson Marsh up to last week than what he can probably name. On paper, they are very similar players; they are about the same size, both have good speed and athleticism and both as quarterbacks were being projected to play other positions in college. That comparison just came to an end.

Jimmie Forsythe was a bit in the shadow of Bronson Marsh this year. Both are high school quarterbacks, similar builds and are good athletes. But, Forsythe just picked up a distinguishing trait.

"South Dakota has offered me a scholarship," Forsythe said. "I picked up the offer from them last week. They like me as a quarterback.

"I am being recruited by other schools to play other positions. I am hearing defensive back from some schools and slot receiver."

That offer to play quarterback is big for Forsythe because that's what he wants to do. As a quarterback at Omaha (Nebr.) Burke he is a run-first and pass-second field general.

"I want to play quarterback in college. I run well and when I roll out I have the ability to make plays as everything else breaks down.

"We run the pistol so it's a spread. I would say that I am a run first and throw second kind of guy. I like rolling out and making things happen."

Of course Forsythe has that offer and interest from South Dakota, but beyond that there has been some DI interest. He has been on some trips and has some others coming up.

"Besides South Dakota I have had Iowa State and Nebraska come by the school. I went on a visit to Kansas last fall for one of their games.

"I also went to Nebraska's spring game and to their junior day. I might go up for North Dakota for a visit this summer and maybe Tulsa."

Forsythe will be making a third trip down to Lincoln next month when he will be attending one of the football camp sessions. "I will be up for camp at Nebraska for a three day camp, but I am not sure which session."

One potential decision that Forsythe will have to make is play quarterback at a DI-AA school or a position other than quarterback at a D-I school. It's crossed his mind already.

"That is something that I haven't really thought all the way through. I have talked about it with my parents, but it would be tough to turn down a big-time offer to play another position.

"Then again, it's always been my dream to go on and play quarterback in college. It's something that I am going to have to continue to think about."

Forsythe has heard the Marsh comparisons before. To him, it's an honor. Marsh took his team to a state title last year and that's what Forsythe wants to do this year.

"I have heard that before because of our size and being good athletes. I think that it's a great comparison for me. He's going on to play at Nebraska.

"He was a great high school quarterback at Millard South, they just won state, and I have really looked up to him. I think that it's an honor to be compared to him."

Getting a Nebraska offer might be a tough task. Marsh was offered a gray shirt offer in the last weeks of the recruiting year. Forsythe has dreamt of the opportunity to be a Husker.

"I am originally from Nebraska, grown up here, and as long as I can remember my father has been taking me to Nebraska games. We are real big Nebraska fans.

"It would mean the world to get a Nebraska offer. I grew up in the backyard playing like you are Eric Crouch, going out in the tunnel walk and I have just always dreamed of that."


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