Recruiting Tidbits: DT, Marquise Wright

Check out the latest skinny on another standout prospect, this one from New Jersey. Defensive tackle Marquise Wright. He's a fast rising star on the east coast, already over a dozen offers from colleges around the country.

Marquise Wright is an interesting prospect out of Jersey.

Not interesting because he's a 6 foot, 3 inch, 270 lbs defensive tackle with around 13 offers.

The interesting part is that Nebraska isn't one of them, he doesn't think.

Here are the offers he could recall off the top of his head: "I have offers from Maryland, Florida State, Penn State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Michigan State, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Syracuse, South Carolina and Georgia," he said.

All of those offers have come this year, the first one coming from the Seminoles on February 7th.

Marquise wasn't sure what his statistics were, and I couldn't find them anywhere. Their coaching situation might have something to do with that. Wright's Head Coach from last year's 5-5 team, resigned. This was the person who was almost totally responsible for helping Wright with recruiting, so the prep star didn't have to carry the load.

From potential unofficial visits to camps, from telling him what schools came by or called and telling him who had offered him.

When I asked about teams in the Big 12 offering him, Nebraska came up. But he couldn't say for certain if he had or didn't have an offer from them.

Wright is a very quick player off the line who fancies his quickness and explosiveness as his biggest strengths. He added to that. "I have good feet. I can move up and down the line of scrimmage with no problem," he said.

As for a defensive tackle he models himself after, the answer comes as little surprise to me as I am sure it will you.

"Suh," Wright said of Ndamukong Suh, the former Husker and one of the most decorated defensive tackles in college football history.

Why Suh?

"His motor. His engine. He never ever stops. The guy is just amazing," Wright said.

Wright already has a ton of offers as you can see. And it would seem that if he has the option to play closer to home, he'll take it. So, even if he knew he had an offer from Nebraska, I'd say the chances of the Big Red are only slightly better than it would be if they don't offer him at all.


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