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Two in a row for the Big Red! That's news and it must have been a good effort on the part of the Huskers. How good? Check out our latest grades to find out.

Huskers vs. Iowa State Cyclones Report Card

Another win and a two-game winning streak, 69-63. Box Score

Offense: A-

It was another very good performance at home on the offensive end of the floor for Nebraska. The 69 points and the 43% shooting were both above average totals. Nate Johnson had a very good night and John Turek erupted for 17 points and a monster alley-oop jam. It was too bad that Brennon Clemmons, the only senior on the team, did not have a very good night shooting the ball in his last game, but he made up for it with rebounds and assists. BC will be missed next year.

Best: Johnson – 7-17 FG, 2-2 3-point for 20 points. It was a decent shooting night for Nate. He could have shot a little better, but a scorer like him will have their misses too. It was good to see him hit both 3-point attempts. He has been struggling a lot from deep all year long.

Worst: Clemons – 1-5 FG, 0-2 3-point for 2 points. A rough night scoring-wise for the senior, but he managed to get a layup to go down in the last minute of the game to avoid the shutout.

Defense: B+

This is not an A because of the great shooting from Iowa State in the first half. After that though, the Huskers settled in and took care of business against a below average Cyclone team. Turek and Andrew Drevo both did pretty good jobs to shut down the ISU big men. Jackson Vroman and Co. are not that good to begin with, but the Nebraska interior defense was very good in this game.

Best: Turek – 3 blocks. John did a great job down low all game. Special note on Jason Dourisseau who saw extra playing time with Corey Simms being hit in the face early on. JD came in and did a wonderful job on Tim Barnes, who was on fire early.

Worst: Simms – You can't play defense when you can't see, so he really did not do a bad job other than letting somebody hit him in the face! The guards were shooting well for Iowa State early, so Corey could have done a little better.

Rebounding: A++++++++++++

This was probably the best rebounding effort from Nebraska all season. They won the board battle 49-35 and managed to haul down 20, that's right 20, offensive rebounds. Iowa State is not a huge team, but dominating this much against any major Division 1 school is impressive. Everybody who played meaningful minutes contributed on the glass. It was an outstanding effort across the board, pun intended, for Nebraska.

Best: Clemmons – 9 rebounds with 3 offensive. A great night for the senior as he led the team in rebounds. Another note on Dourisseau who contributed 7 boards of his own. Well done by everyone.

Worst: Nobody. It is impossible to have an A with multiple pluses and have a player do poorly.

Free Throw Shooting: C

An average night from the line with 16 attempts and 62% shooting. There was nothing to interesting about this area of the game. The Huskers made the key free throws late and that is all that matters.

Best: Johnson – 4-4 FT. This is more like it from Nate, who struggled last time out.

Worst: Drevo – 0-2 FT. Not sure what Drev's deal is, but he has been off and on from the line during the Big 12 season.

Overall: A

Winning is becoming old hat to these guys now. Two wins in a row is something to build on at least, but obviously much more needs to be done to get to the next level. Improvement is finally showing up and that is what is exciting about the past two games. The youngsters look more comfortable and Nate Johnson is stepping up like he was supposed to all year. This momentum could carry the Huskers to a surprise Big 12 tourney win, but the last two regular season games are probably too difficult to win no matter what happens.

Up Next: @ Oklahoma

Oklahoma is ranked 6th in the country and owns the nation's longest home winning streak. Nebraska dreams about being ranked in the future and has not won on the road this year. Everything is stacked against Nebraska and everything points to a huge blowout win for Oklahoma. This game will result in an OU win, but it could be closer than the experts think. The Sooners will undoubtedly overlook the lowly Huskers because their next game will be against Texas. If Oklahoma shoots poorly and the Nebraska interior defense steps up, then the Huskers may hang with OU for a good portion of the game.

Prediction: Oklahoma 68 Nebraska 55

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