NU offer on the way?

The Nebraska staff is scouring the nation in search of the right prospects. The evaluation period is coming to an end and Nebraska isn't going to miss getting out to see this linebacker from New Jersey. The Nebraska staff was supposed to be there this morning to check out this linebacker that already has a lot of offers. Will Nebraska offer soon?

The Nebraska staff is on the recruiting trail and one of the players that will see Nebraska today is Quinton Alston from Erial (NJ) Timber Creek Regional. The 6-foot-1 and 215-pound inside linebacker was going to see Nebraska this morning.

"I have been talking to Coach Mike Ekeler from Nebraska," Alston said. "He was going to come out for our PE class, but it's going to be tough since it starts so early and I have a PE test to take."

Alston is already holding offers from teams like Pittsburgh, Iowa, Stanford, Purdue, Minnesota and Wisconsin to name a few. Still, a Nebraska offer would go far with him.

"No, Nebraska hasn't offered me yet. Coach Ekeler has briefly talked about offering me, but if I could get an offer from Nebraska that would be big, very big.

"They have a great defense there and not to get too off topic, but I play NCAA football and when I pick Nebraska no body can beat me because of their defense. It's crazy."

It's a little odd that a player all the way out in New Jersey would appreciate Nebraska so much, but as Alston describes it it's more of an open market to like whoever you want.

"You can basically follow whoever you want to follow out here. You don't have the same type of fans that Nebraska has out here in New Jersey, but everyone is on TV all the time."

Alston has heard about The Blackshirts, but doesn't know what one it. It's one of the things he plans on asking Nebraska about the next time he talks to them.

"I don't know what the Blackshirts are, but I know that Coach Mike Ekeler has been talking to me about that. I want to find out more about it."

Alston plays inside and is being recruited to play inside, but he wasn't always a linebacker. An injury forced him into it and he has transitioned into it with a lot of hard work.

"I play inside backer, but I could play any of the positions that they needed me to. I am getting recruited to play inside linebacker at the next level too.

"I have only been playing linebacker for one year. I moved from defensive end when our linebacker got hurt. The transition wasn't too bad for me. It was pretty quick." YOUR SOURCE FOR NEBRASKA FOOTBALL TICKETS!!

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