A Fathers Perspective

In this exclusive update, we talk with Jason Bouzos, the father of the latest Husker commit Aaryn Bouzos. Mr. Bouzos gives us his thoughts on the big news, tells us what led his son to commit to the Big Red, and how a kind gesture from the Nebraska coaching staff may have helped seal the deal. Get all the details inside.

For a dad, seeing his son reach a major goal has to be one of the proudest moments of his life. And after making a commitment to Nebraska yesterday, the father of the latest Husker commit, Aaryn Bouzos, is on cloud nine.

"Today is a great day, for Aaryn, my wife and I, and our entire family," said Mr.Bouzos with a strong sense of pride in his voice.

"This decision didn't just come out of nowhere. This was a family decision, we talked about everything extensively. Aaryn just felt like he was ready. With Nebraska being one of his top choices, even before he got the offer, it was somewhat of a no-brainer for him.

"I think Aaryn decided he didn't want to worry about recruiting his senior season, he just didn't want all the distractions. He also wanted to let Nebraska know how much he appreciated the offer. Aaryn truly believes that Nebraska is a school he can help win a National Title. Aaryn and the rest of our family think Nebraska is going to be doing great things in the near future, and that's something that Aaryn wants to be a part of.

"Then getting a chance to play for coach Bo had a lot to do with it. Aaryn loves his coaching philosophy, the type of coach he is, and there is no doubt that factored into his decision."

And over the last few weeks, Aaryn has started to form a bond with his lead recruiter, defensive backs coach Marvin Sanders.

"He and coach Sanders have been talking a lot since Aaryn got the Nebraska offer. I bet they've spoken at least eight or nine times in the last couple weeks, and Aaryn likes coach Sanders a lot. Coach Sanders actually came out and saw Aaryn at school about 10 days ago, he came by the high school.

"So that let Aaryn know the Nebraska coaching staff was serious about getting his commitment."

But according to Mr. Bouzos, a thoughtful act by coach Pelini may have helped seal the deal.

"I'll tell you what was huge also, let me tell you about this. My wife got a letter addressed directly to her from Bo Pelini. It was a card wishing her a happy Mothers Day. In that letter coach Pelini talked about family, and how important that is to him. He talked about the program, the focus and direction of the program.

"I can tell you that really hit home with my wife and I. My wife was just thrilled to death to get that letter. I'll be honest, it solidified things for her, and made her feel comfortable about her boy going to school that far away.

"Here is another quick little story for you. We were at my daughter's softball game the other day, and Aaryn's grandpa came to the game. My wife had the letter from Nebraska at the softball game, and was showing it off to her dad. There was this gentleman there standing beside us and he saw the letter and he said ‘Wow, I'm a huge Nebraska fan, can I see that letter?'.

"He said his dad lives right down the road from the stadium, and he told us that we had a place to stay in Lincoln if we ever needed it when we are out there seeing his games. He said he has a three bedroom house and we could have two of the rooms if we ever needed them.

"It was just so random, at my daughter's softball game and we run into these Nebraska fans. You can see that the people from that part of the country are so kind, it was unbelievable."

How do you feel Aaryn will adjust being so far from home?

"I think he will love it. He understands what an opportunity this is to play at a school like Nebraska. He is excited about his future and what it will bring. With the strong alumni program Nebraska has, he will be set for life. The way the former players stay involved with the program and show the younger kids how to be college students at Nebraska is a big selling point too.

"I mean all the stuff that Suh has said recently really resonated with us, it really hit home with us. Suh had talked so much about how Nebraska helped him get to where he is, how he was treated while going to school there, and that's really what we were looking for when this process started.

"We want a place that will treat our son like he's their own, a place with people that can guide him when we aren't around, we think we've found that in Nebraska. He needs people around him that will teach him discipline and make sure he stays focused. Because the focus for us is him getting his college education, and having a chance to play for a National Title, and Nebraska offers both of those."

What do you think Aaryn will bring to the program, what are his strong points?

"They are getting a kid that is going to give 100% to the program at all times. This kid works harder than any kid I've ever seen at this age. I promise you there is not another high school safety working as hard right now in the offseason as Aaryn. He is eating 6 meals a day, 3 protein shakes a day, working out at the high school 5 days a week, then coming home and doing speed training on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The only day he takes off is Sunday. So he works 6 days a week to get bigger, stronger and faster.

"Right now his goal is to win another CIF Championship like last year. His school has never won back-to-back titles in their history, so that's his major goal right now."

For Husker fans, the question always arises when a recruit commits to the Big Red before ever stepping foot on campus, how solid is the commitment? But according to Mr. Bouzos, Aaryn is as solid as it gets, no matter who might come into the picture.

"Let me tell you my philosophy, if you don't keep your word, you don't have anything. I've raised my children in the belief that you are only as good as your word. From me, what I can say about Aaryn, his word is his bond."

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