Pending the SAT

The evaluation period is an open door, basically, for all schools to come in and see a player. Some players are looking for offers and others like Antony Sarao aren't at the moment, but could be in the future. The SAT test stands in front of Sarao and he knows that he has his work cut out for him to achieve a qualifying score to attend Stanford.

Antony Sarao committed to Stanford back in February and still multiple teams come to see him every day of the evaluation period. The 6-foot-1 and 205-pound Sarao from Absecon (N.J.) Holy Spirit just got another offer in fact.

"It's going good," Sarao said. "Teams keep coming by the school to see me. Actually, I just picked up an offer from Michigan State the other day.

"This past week I saw Michigan State, Ohio State, Nebraska and UCLA. Nebraska actually has been out to see me a couple of times."

Despite being a Stanford commitment for months now Sarao does find himself thinking about other teams. This is due in large part because of an academic hurdle that he has standing in his way.

"Yeah I am thinking about some of these schools because of the SAT factor. I have to get over a 1500 to get admitted in Stanford.

"I have to take the test on June 5th and wait for my results to come back to see if I can get in. My options are open if I don't get the score."

Out of all of the schools that Sarao has offers from and continues to show him interest there is one that comes to his mind that he will take an immediate look at if he can't get a 1500 on his SAT.

"I would say Nebraska. They have been staying in touch with me and they are only taking one linebacker this year. If I committed there the spot is gone.

"They are a team that I would take a look at because I have heard about their facilities and you know how their defense is year after year. They're going to be a good team."

The Nebraska staff has been recruiting Sarao. First it seems that a recruiting coach for the area was out to see him, but just this past week the linebackers coach made an appearance at Holy Spirit.

"Coach Ron Brown has been here before for Nebraska and their linebacker coach, Mike Ekeler, was here last week. They are recruiting me with multiple coaches."

At Holy Spirit, Sarao is moved all around the field. But, Nebraska has spoken specifically to Sarao about one of the linebacker spots where he would fulfill an immediate need.

"I play middle and outside linebacker. Nebraska is talking to me about playing the WILL spot. They like it that I can run and that I can cover a lot of ground.

"My strength playing linebacker is my speed. It's very tough for lineman and running backs to try and block me. I am able to beat them to spots and outrun all of them."


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