Versatile athlete from West Point

If there is one characteristic about in-state players that will help get the eye from Nebraska it would be athleticism. Anthony Ridder is the starting quarterback and safety at West Point (Nebr.) Central Catholic, but has heard that he is being recruited as either a linebacker or just as an athlete so far. Ridder could play offense or defense at the next level.

Anthony Ridder from West Point (Nebr.) Central Catholic is an exceptional athlete for being as big as he is. Ridder is 6-foot-2 and 195-pounds and still claims 4.7/40 speed. Ridder has seen some schools come by for the evaluation period.

"Things are going good," Ridder said. "Nebraska-Omaha has been by the school and I have taken trips to North Dakota State, South Dakota State and South Dakota."

"I have also been to Nebraska before. I went there for their Junior Day earlier in the year and for their spring game. I have also gotten a couple of calls from North Dakota State and South Dakota."

Ridder starts at Central Catholic as the quarterback and as a walk-up safety. He has been told that he is being recruited just as an athlete and one school likes him as an outside linebacker.

"South Dakota is recruiting me as an athlete and North Dakota State likes me as a linebacker. I play quarterback now in high school, but other than those two positions I haven't heard other positions."

Ridder believes that there might actually be another position that he is better suited to play in college because of some prior experience. Still, he does get a chance to play both ways and understands why he's getting looked at to play linebacker.

"I think my strengths could put me as a receiver or as a tight end. I have pretty good hands. I played receiver my freshman year. I have only played quarterback the last two years.

"I have to play both ways and I played more of a safety/monster last year that would line up at the outside and make plays like an linebacker. I have played the position before."

There are some upcoming camp plans for Ridder. He plans on heading north to some camps and then will also be in Lincoln in June for an individual camp as well.

"I plan on going to one day camp at South Dakota and then to their team camp. I am going to camp at North Dakota State and I will go to camp at Nebraska."

Ridder says that the attention that he has been receiving from Nebraska has been mostly invitations to come down to Lincoln and take part in things. However, he knows that his recruiting coach should be by the school at some point.

"I am not sure really. They have invited me to attend different things on campus, but that has been about it. Coach Barney Cotton said he would come here and talk to me at some point."

The firing of Frank Solich from Nebraska never sat very well with Ridder. Born and raised in Nebraska, shortly after Solich was fired Ridder began following a Big 12 foe for Nebraska.

"I am originally from Nebraska; I was born in West Point. I grew up a Husker fan, but when Solich was fired I turned into an Oklahoma fan. I have been an Oklahoma fan for a while.

"But, Nebraska has done a lot recently with Bo Pelini as the head coach and Tom Osborne as the AD that has changed my opinion about Nebraska."

Ridder knows what has changed at Nebraska to get him appreciating Nebraska a little more lately. "It's the defense, obviously. It was horrible there for a while. It was just not good at all."

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