Coach Speak: Daimion Stafford

In this edition of Coach Speak, we talk with coach Carl Beach, the head coach for Chaffey community college and Daimion Stafford, the newest Husker commit. Coach Beach talks in-depth about Daimion's skill sets, and what Husker fans can expect from him when he gets to Lincoln, on and off the field. Get all the details inside.

Big Red Report: Thanks for the time coach, before we get into Daimion's abilities as a football player, can you talk a little bit about how he landed there with you at Chaffey?

Carl Beach: We've known about Daimion here at Chaffey for sometime, from his days playing at Norco high school. Here at Chaffey, we are only about a 20 minute drive from his old high school, so with them being in our area, it breeds familiarity. One of the things that helped us get Daimion was the fact one of his teammates from his school already plays here, one of our linebackers. So to be honest, that really helped us land him. Daimion had several other options at the time. And when I spoke to coach Carl Pelini from Nebraska, they also knew of him from his high school days. He was already on their radar so to speak, and then they got the highlight tape we put together. And after that, I guess they saw all the needed.

BRR: How would depict Daimion away from the football field, what's his personality like?

CB: Oh, he's an easy going guy away from the field, has a lot of friends. But see here is the thing, the kid just loves football, and he's just so darn intense. But he definitely has his head on straight, he doesn't put himself in situations that can get him into trouble. The kid has extremely high goals for himself, and at a school like Nebraska he can reach his full potential. He is really looking forward to that experience, Nebraska is a great place for him to get an education for one, and he knows that. But it's also a place where he can experience college football at its highest level.

BRR: Let's get to his play between the white lines, could you describe his skill sets as a football player?

CB: First, he is well put together at 6-foot-1, 210 pounds. Then look at his early offers, normally we don't see guys getting offers this early, and we usually don't get any from Nebraska. I think that speaks to his abilities as a player, to have all this early interest. But we use Daimion in many different ways, we bring him down in the box a lot, and we have confidence that he can cover anybody from the slot. But he is a true safety, not a corner, he just has those man cover skills, and he will lock you down for sure. We bring him on a lot of pressures as well, he's just a very versatile athlete, with above average speed. But you want to know the best thing about him? He is just so intense, and hits as hard as anybody I've seen. He isn't afraid to come up and take anybody on, he relishes it. We also use him on kick and punt return, and he is very effective there too. He is just a great all-around player who loves the aggressiveness of the sport.

BRR: What would you say are his weak points?

CB: He doesn't have any, and I'm just being honest with you. He is the most fearless guy I've ever had, he never turns down a chance for contact, and plays at a high level every week. I'm trying to think here, but it's tough, he just doesn't have many faults. The only thing is he might have to clean up his techniques and get used to what they do at Nebraska. And maybe the mental part of playing big-time college football, sometimes that takes some getting used to.

BRR: Daimion has been in California his entire life, do you foresee him having any problems moving to the Mid-West?

CB: No, I think he will be fine. He knows that he is coming out there to get his education and play for one of the best college programs in the country, so he is really looking forward to it. He would probably leave today if they could take him. He'll need to get used to the rigors of college life out there, but that's just normal. See, for him, it's all about the football aspect. He will immerse himself into the playbook, film watching, weight lifting, so I don't see any problems with distance from home. He has already worked out some of the maturity factors you see in high school players, he is ready for this challenge.

BRR: Finally, I'd like your thoughts on his commitment, do you think it was the right fit?

CB: Absolutely, I think that the Nebraska program is back on its way to the very top. Nebraska is almost back to where they used to be back in the day, and they've got the right coaches to get them there. I think he is going into a great situation at Nebraska, they're about to do big things.

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