Texas CB knows where two officials will go

Consider Tevin Mitchell a new cornerback. After all, he's played it for just one season. And it wasn't even a full season starting. Nevertheless, Mitchell made such an impact that as of right now he's looking at right around 16 offers to his name. And he already knows where two of his official visits are going to go.

You'd have to forgive Mansfield Legacy HS cornerback Tevin Mitchell is he isn't able to describe every nuance of playing the corner position.

He's played it a total of one year.

Mitchell has actually played organized football for just three years. But the last one was spent on the defensive side of the ball. "My freshman year I played receiver. My sophomore year I played running back and receiver. And then they moved me to corner my junior year," Mitchell said. "But I didn't start until later in the year, because there was a senior in front of me who started a lot.

"But I got the start after we played Seguin and started every game after that."

Contributing mostly on special teams, especially early on, Mitchell's stats were modest as he had four pass break ups and one blocked field goal. He had a dozen tackles to go along with that.

But when you are close to 6-1 and sport a forty in the 4.4 range, you are going to get some attention.

Try 16 offers.

Starting with the Arkansas Razorbacks who offered him first, the offers have came in a flurry for the one-time Arkansas native. Going against competition in the Lone Star state which he said made him better all the way around, the super speedy and explosive corner now has offers from schools such as Oklahoma, Arizona, Nebraska, Notre Dame, TCU, Texas A&M and Virginia.

It's gotten to the point that Mitchell said that due to the fact that he's not going to be taking any unofficial visits to schools this Summer, more than likely, he's just going to take it as it comes. "I'm just going to let it build up. I'm looking at it some, but I'm not going to get real worried about it right now," he said.

Now, despite the mind-set that he's going to let the process play out a little on its own, Mitchell said he's still had a chance to form relationships with a number of schools. "I talk to Kansas coaches some and I talk to coach Beck over at Nebraska. I also talk to coaches from Notre Dame, Baylor and Arkansas," he said.

When it comes to Nebraska, Mitchell said he likes what he knows about Beck and the Huskers thus far. "I like coach Beck. He's a really good guy – calm and really positive. I enjoy talking to him," he said. "And I know Nebraska has a big tradition."

The attention has gotten to the point that Mitchell knows he's going to have to wait until his season before he can visit some of these schools. But with close to 20 offers and only five allowed official visits, he knows he'll have some decisions to make.

But he has two, perhaps three, which he is almost certain he'll use some of those officials to visit. "I know I will be visiting Nebraska and Arkansas for sure. Those two I know. And then I will probably visit Kansas too," he said. "I don't know about the rest, but I'm really sure about the two, and then maybe Kansas."

Mitchell did say that he would like to attend some camps around the state of Texas this year, if it's possible.

As for favorites, you can probably draw from where he'd like to officially visit to come up with at least an idea of the teams he's favoring. But Mitchell said that he's pretty wide open at this point. But when it comes to relationships, a criteria which stands right up there with academics and the tradition of the team, it's obviously a big factor for him. "I want to feel comfortable with the players and coaches there. So, the more I am talking to them now, the more I am going to know about them when it comes time to make my decision," he said. "I'm also looking at the depth chart a bit."

But when it comes to distance, he doesn't care. When it comes to weather, he doesn't care about that either. And the fact that he's only lived in Texas since 2007, there isn't this engrained affection to play for one of the in-state powers.

"I'm just looking to find the right place for me. Whether that's here, the west coast or the east coast, I don't care. If it fits me, that's where I'll go."

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