Big Suh a big impression on DT

Mason Fuller has been on Nebraska's map for some time, and they have been on his map as well. This Summer could be big for him and perhaps for the Huskers, too. Fuller talks about recruiting and talks about potential camp plans over the Summer, which could include the Big Red.

You don't have to ask Illinois defensive tackle twice what he thinks about the Huskers. And you don't even have to ask him once what he thinks about the defensive tackle who played there and is now a member of the Detroit Lions.

"Big Suh, man. That's the guy. I have been a fan of his from the day he stepped on the field," Fuller said of Ndamukong Suh, who was the second overall pick in the NFL Draft this year. "I model everything I do after what he did, from the way he plays to how he is. That's my role model right there."

Fuller is certainly not the first, nor will he be the last to model what he does after Suh, who left Nebraska as one of the most decorated defensive tackles in college football history.

Fuller even plans on majoring in Engineering, which is what Suh majored in while he was at Nebraska.

But that's not really him following Suh as much as him following what he wants to do down the road.

As for Fuller the player now, his work has been pointing toward bettering himself physically, citing his biggest goal as getting faster. "I want to get my forty down to 4.8 by the time I graduate. That's my thing. I want to better my speed," said Fuller, who tips the scales at 298 lbs. right now.

Along with Suh, Fuller said that it's hard to be a fan of his and not that defense, too. "You have to love the "Blackshirts", man. The way they play is how defense should be played," Fuller said of the Husker defense, which carries that blackshirt name from a tradition started over 40 years ago. "They never give up. They always go hard. They even practice as hard as they play.

"When a team is down and they give up, you never know what you can do. Maybe it's a last possession, an interception to save the game or whatever. You can't make stuff like that happen if you give up and Nebraska never does. They make plays because of it."

While Fuller has seen the letters and interest increase a lot over the last few weeks, his lone written offer is from Illinois. But Mason isn't planning on waiting for schools to come to him, at least as much as he can help.

To that end he said he'll be camping at Nebraska this Summer, and the increased interest the Huskers have shown in him might become a bit more. "Just trying to show people what I have been doing and how much I have improved. I plan on doing that during my season, but it's never too early to start," he said. "I'm just doing whatever I can to get bigger, faster, stronger – just better."

If Fuller has favorites right now he obviously counts Nebraska as one of them as well as Arizona. Those two schools along with the Fighting Illini, stand as a trio of programs he's looking at the most. But there are a host of other schools showing him interest, including Iowa and Kansas, which he says all are programs he's very interested in right now.

It's about interest, and who shows the most interest right now and down the road. "I know what I like in the programs I have been looking at, and all of them have a lot of good things to offer. So, I know I like some schools, but all of them are great," he said. "So, I'm just trying to see who is the most interested and then try and get a feel for them all. I got time, though, so I'll just see where this all goes."


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