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It seemed like just a matter of time before Nebraska entered the Zach Sterup sweepstakes. However, the timing is curious. One might have thought that the Huskers were really going to wait until after camp to evaluate Sterup and make an offer. Turns out, their minds might have been on something else. What was Nebraska wondering and what does this offer mean?

At 6-foot-9 and 270-pounds, Zach Sterup is turning out to be one of the most highly recruited players in the state of Nebraska in recent memory. Sterup was in Omaha this weekend for state track, but was only watching and not competing.

"State track was pretty good," Sterup said. "I just went down to watch and our team won state so that was good. We won the state title in Class C."

"I didn't go out. I have never done anything in track. I have never thrown the shot or the discus. I was always playing basketball or training for football."

The standout lineman from Hastings (Nebr.) St. Cecilia was requested to stop off in Lincoln on his way to state track. The Nebraska coaching staff wanted to talk to him.

"I got a Nebraska offer on Friday morning. As we were on our way to state track my coach called and Nebraska wanted to know if we could stop off to talk.

"I was pretty excited about the offer. I was kind of wondering if it was going to happen. It was kind of unexpected, but I was really excited about it."

If there was one thing that was surprising about it that would have to be the timing. Sterup had understood that getting an offer from Nebraska really would have depended on how he did in camp.

"It was kind of strange to get it right now. Most of what I had heard from them is that I had to go to camp. If they were going to offer they were going to offer after camp.

"I guess it's better to have that out of the way now so that I can go, perform well and have fun. It takes the pressure off from needing to go out there looking for an offer."

The Husker offer is already Sterup's eleventh division one offer. Other teams that have offered Sterup are Stanford, UCLA, Wisconsin and others. Growing up in Nebraska, the offer from the Huskers was significant.

"The Nebraska offer is my eleventh offer. Each offer is flattering. Growing up and living in Nebraska I am a little biased. I am thankful to be in the position that I am in and we'll just have to see what happens."

Some might see the wait, and after already having 10 other offers, for the Nebraska offer as a slight. Not Sterup. The Nebraska staff explained to Sterup what their thinking, questions and approach were.

"I am not really disappointed that I had to wait this long to get the offer. I kind of understand where they were coming from and what was going on with their recruiting.

"They had four pretty solid guys already committed and they are looking for a fifth. They said since I was in-state that they had to treat me differently as opposed to being from Texas.

"There was also some uncertainty as to whether or not I was going to play basketball in college. They just wanted to get that cleared up before they offered me."

While the offer from Nebraska was significant it doesn't mean that they instantly bolt to the top for Sterup. In fact, Sterup claims no leaders and says that he has visit plans later this week that could lead to another offer.

"I really don't have any favorites right now. Wednesday I am going to go to Notre Dame. I don't have an offer. I just want to see the campus and meet the coaches. We aren't going there to get offered.

"I know that I want to get back out to Iowa and maybe back to Nebraska for an unofficial visit after I go to camp there. We are talking about going out to Stanford and UCLA. It's not set in stone."

The Huskers will still get to host Sterup for camp later in June despite having an offer from Nebraska already. Sterup plans on being in Lincoln for one day.

"I will go to the Nebraska camp for just one day. I will be going to one of the days on the session that is the 10th or the 12th. I think that I will probably be there Thursday or Friday."

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