31 and counting. A Q&A with Anthony Rabasa

Blowing up out of the southeast, Anthony Rabasa went from around a dozen offers before Spring to over 30 offers now. And as you can imagine, they have been coming from everywhere. But where is he sitting with his favorites, and does Nebraska find themselves as a team that has any chance at all? We asked.

Big Red Report: How many offers are you up to?

Anthony Rabasa: 31

BRR: Who was your first offer?


BRR: How far are they from you?

AR: About 10 blocks

BRR: When did the offers start coming in like crazy?

AR: At the beginning of Spring, the coaches were coming in with the offers and that's when they started rolling.

BRR: At one point when recruiting was still young for you, were you keeping track or trying to. And then it got to where it is now, and you basically threw up your hands and said the heck with it, let's just let them come in and I'll sort it out later?

AR: That's exactly how it was. The first two or the first five that came in, I was trying to keep track of those. But then it got to like 14 or so before Spring, and I couldn't believe it. Then once Spring started, they were coming in four and five a day. I was like ‘Oh my God'. So, I'm just sitting back and watching them come in.

BRR: Do you now have offers from everyone in Florida?

AR: Yes I do.

BRR: When did you get your offer from the Gators?

AR: Last week.

BRR: OK, so that means you have all the in-state offers. You just fulfilled a dream of most of the kids who grow up in that state. That means everyone outside the Sunshine State is going to assume with a great deal of confidence that it's going to be one of those big three.

AR: Not true

BRR: Why isn't it true? It's not like that's a bad decision. Any one of those programs has a great tradition, lots of fellow in-staters. The accolades go on and on. Nobody would blame you if you didn't look anywhere else.

AR: It's not true, because getting out of state, getting out on my own, doing my own thing – that's not a bad thing. There are plenty of great opportunities out there just as much as there are in the state. I just have to go out and see which one is best for me.

BRR: OK, with that mind set, I'm assuming distance and weather isn't a factor.

AR: No, not at all. And it's nice down here, but the humidity sucks. I wouldn't mind getting away from that part.

BRR: We didn't have you having an offer from Notre Dame a few weeks ago. Do you have that one now?

AR: Yes sir.

BRR: When did you get that one?

AR: Last week.

BRR: Who was your most recent offer?

AR: Cincinnati

BRR: With this many offers, how do you even stay in contact with them all? Can you even find the time to talk to some of them from time to time?

AR: I try to when I have a chance. I actually just got off the phone with coach Jimbo Fisher from Florida State. He made his one call he can make during the Spring. Coach Neuheisel called me too. He's a great guy and he's trying to get me to come visit there.

BRR: What do you know about Nebraska?

AR: Not a lot. Coach (Bo) Pelini told me about the Blackshirt club.

BRR: What unofficial visits have you made or are you making?

AR: Unofficial, I am making it to Miami, Florida and Florida State, because they are close enough to drive. But then I will take all five of my official s and see where that takes me.

BRR: Do you have any idea right now where any of those official visits are going to go?

AR: I have three out of five sealed down now.

BRR: OK, to where?

AR: Notre Dame, Florida and Florida State.

BRR: Florida and Florida State are kind of givens for you considering your location. What do you like about Notre Dame?

AR: What is there not to like about them? I am looking at the big picture, and if I have a degree from there I am going to be making money no matter what I do. If I can make it to the NFL that will be great, but if I go to a place like that, it will definitely put you on the right path to succeed in life.

BRR: What's your height and weight right now?

AR: 6-3, 235.

BRR: Is everyone recruiting you to play defensive end or are some recruiting you as a hybrid type?

AR: Everyone is recruiting me to play defensive end, but schools like Notre Dame have talked about that and linebacker too.

BRR: With all these offers, it would be easy for someone to assume they have what it takes to get to the NFL. There are a lot of people in the league right now who didn't have this many offers out of high school. Do you think about that level more than you did before, or are you trying not to? And if so, does that became a bigger factor in your decision in regard to seeing teams that put a lot of guys into the league?

AR: I don't want to think about other levels, because I am still in high school. And the NFL is such a huge step up from where I am at now.  But now it's about high school. Then it will be about college, wherever I go. And maybe at some point I can think about that. But not now. That doesn't even factor in.

BRR: How much do you think about the type of defense a team plays?

AR: I just want to be able to come off that edge. As long as I can do that, I'm going to put some fear into some quarterbacks. So, I like aggressive defenses, definitely. Just anything that lets me have a shot at the QB.

BRR: OK, so you have about 28 schools vying for those last two official visits. If you are taking those others for sure, that puts your decision around the midway point of the year. That is if you don't take the other two. How are you working that? Are you dead set on taking the other two?

AR: Oh, I am definitely taking all five. I don't know where the other two are going to go to right now, but I am definitely taking all five. I am hoping that from those five visits, I will have a good base to use in making my decision which I will hopefully be able to make not long after my final official.

BRR: We're going to assume for a moment that due to Florida, Florida State and Notre Dame being on your list of official visits, they qualify as favorites. But give me that second list, those teams which have a solid shot at the next two spots.

AR: UCLA, LSU, Alabama if they offer me, Nebraska and I don't know who else. It's so hard to keep track. I know there are others, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

BRR: OK, back to Nebraska, I am sure that you, like the rest of the breathing world, know all about Ndamukong Suh.

AR: Oh yeah, definitely

BRR: So, you probably saw stuff about him, but that probably gave you a chance to watch the Nebraska defense. Anything about their style intrigue you or did anything stand out?

AR: It definitely fits my style. Here in Columbus they preach aggressiveness and hands on. No finesse. You are going a hundred miles per hour, just nonstop. If you are aggressive good things are going to happen. It's what has brought me all my success. Just nonstop trying to make plays.

BRR: I would imagine as a big time recruit, one of the biggest challenges has to be sorting out the crap from the stuff you can really think about when making a decision.

AR: Yeah, it kind of is. You have to figure out which coach wants the best for you and has your best interests at heart. They care about you as a person first and a player second. It would be kind of hard to see myself going to a place where they didn't care about me for who I was and only wanted the player.


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