Huskers tender offer

There have been long-standing relationships between Nebraska and a lot of Texas high schools. Over recent history though, recruiting the Houston area for schools has become increasingly difficult. Still, Nebraska is putting their best foot forward and according to one Houston area coach it seems that Nebraska has tendered offers to two more of his players recently.

The latest players to be holding Nebraska offers appear to be Houston area players David Santos and Charles Jackson from Klein (Texas) Collins. Head Coach Drew Svoboda from Collins was preparing for the spring game tonight when he took the time out to talk about Santos and Jackson. He says that the interest in Santos is really ramping up.

"Still, he is only holding offers from Utah, Kansas and Nebraska. He's 6-foot-0 and that is what some people have against him. He's extremely active, athletic, explosive and fast. That is what you look for in a linebacker."

The height knock on Santos isn't easy to understand. The linebacker position doesn't seem to be as affected as other positions are on the football field when it comes to height or last thereof.

"There are just some staffs that want longer players at all positions. As a linebacker, to me, you want explosive, smart and athletic. It's not like offensive tackle where so much is tied to wing span.

"All you have to do is look around the country when it comes to high school recruits, the top college players and even players in the NFL and some of the best players are close to just being 6-foot-0."

Coach Svoboda knew the buttons to push when it came to this article and refreshing Nebraska fans' minds of a great player that ended up at Nebraska that probably could have not played DI football at all.

"You know as well as me that one of the best offensive linemen in Nebraska and collegiate history is Aaron Taylor. I know about Aaron Taylor because I am from Texas and he was around when I was playing.

Charles Jackson

"I was playing for a D-IAA school in Texas and we were recruiting him because he didn't have the right size. Then Nebraska comes in and gets him and the rest is history. It's about the player and not the measurables."

While interest is rising for Santos the interest might be peaking for Jackson. Jackson has been rumored to be close to getting a Texas offer and is holding offers from Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Missouri, Michigan, California, Arkansas and Baylor among others.

"I'm pretty sure that Nebraska also offered Charles Jackson who is my cornerback too. He's a little different story than David because Charles has a lot more offers, but they are both great football players for me."

What Coach Svoboda likes about Jackson is that he's built the way you need a cornerback to be built. He's really tall enough already, but gives up some height to some receivers. Jackson then makes up for it with a long wing span.

"Charles has extremely long arms for being 5-foot-10 and 175-pounds. You know how we were talking about height, well at the cornerback position you can get around not being the tallest cornerback when you have long arms.

"When you aren't a tall cornerback and you are asked to cover the taller receiver the other teams tend think that they can pick on you. That really plays into what Charles does well."

What else Coach Svoboda likes about Jackson is that he doesn't shy away from contact. Coach Svoboda also praises the work ethic that Jackson has when it comes to his approach to the game.

"He's physical. He plays more like a safety or an outside linebacker. He just loves to play the game of football. He's the last guy off the field from practice or in the weight room." "There have been a bunch of schools that seem ready to offer," Coach Drew Svoboda said. "In my opinion he's one of the best linebackers in the Houston area. He's getting a lot of interest.



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