Barr talks recruiting, Nebraska

Out of the state of California comes another standout defensive tackle, Todd Barr. He's one of the many top 20 DTs the Huskers are after this year. He's already passed 20 written offers, the most recent coming from the Gators. Where does Nebraska stand with him right now? Well, we asked.

Big Red Report: How many offers are you up to now?

Todd Barr: 24

BRR: Who was your most recent?

TB: Florida

BRR: How did that one feel to get?

TB: It was a real honor, of course. I mean, them being that far away for them to take a chance on me. It was a big deal to me. And with their tradition of great defensive linemen like Dunlap, Cummings and others, it felt good to be recognized by them.

BRR: When you are looking at schools, that's almost as far away from you as you can get, which brings up the inevitable question about distance. That an issue for you?

TB: No, not at all. If a school feels just right, distance won't matter.

BRR: I guess since our main focus is Nebraska and trying to gauge your interest in them, we have our obligatory question regarding Ndamukong Suh and what you thought about him. And you also brought up with Florida how defensive line tradition matters to a degree, which kinds of also points to Nebraska, especially recently. What did you think about him, and what kind of impact, if any, does that have on how much you consider a team like the Huskers?

TB: I never watched him play in a game, but in his highlights he was a complete monster. The way he would shed blocks, run the line and make plays on the other side of the field. I thought he was amazing how he could pick up two blocks, shed them both and make plays in the backfield.

BRR: There are obviously kids around the country looking at his game and trying to copy what they can of it. With players like him, Oklahoma's Gerald McCoy and others, they see things that they key on as to what they would like to improve. Do you look at players like that, and try to find stuff in their game you can put into yours?

TB: I would never say I want to be like anyone else. I want to make my own name, of course. But what he had guys just dream of having was the great feet, the speed, the hand placement and the pad level. I work out all the time to be the best out there. So, trying to be like someone else isn't really me finding me find my own way.

BRR: This many offers, have official visits come into mind at all?

TB: No, I haven't. We finished Spring ball and now I am just working on school and trying to finish up strong this year. When it comes to my official visits, though, what I am going to do is figure out those schools far away from me that I really have my eye on. It wouldn't make much sense to take an official visit to someplace I can drive to. If there were two officials I might take to places that are kind of close by, are Oregon or Cal. They aren't close like UCLA, but I wouldn't mind seeing them one more time.

BRR: What places have you had a chance to go see thus far?

TB: Stanford, Oregon and Cal.

BRR: Anything stand out with those three?

TB: Cal was a great place. The coaching staff were all really great people. At Oregon, they have this up tempo practice, that nobody has time to catch a break. You are always moving. If you are doing that, facing a no huddle offense all the time, you have a lot of stamina throughout a game during the season.

BRR: You heading to any camps?

TB: I am going to go to that USC "Rising Stars" camp at the end of June.

BRR: Back to Nebraska, do you consider them right now?

TB: Oh yeah

BRR: Why is that?

TB: The success on defense is a big deal. Their past with Suh is big. I don't know what he was like when he got there, but for them to get him to the point where he's the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, that's pretty big.

BRR: You are going to be majoring in what?

TB: Either Animal Science or Sports Journalism

BRR: Have you gotten a feel from any other schools in regard to potential offers?

TB: I have seen Notre Dame at the school a couple of times, but that's about it.

BRR: Do you even want anymore offers at this point?

TB: It's making it tough. I know that. Everyone wants to say they have all these offers, but it's making this a real difficult decision on where I want to go to school.

BRR: You can't even get to know this many coaches as well as you would like, can you?

TB: I know. That's the problem. There's no way I can get to know them all. That's what is making this so tough, because you want to give everyone a fair opportunity. But it's hard with this many offers.

BRR: Who do you have the longest standing relationships with of the coaches who you have gotten to know?

TB: UCLA, Cal and Oregon

BRR: So, you are comfortable with those three in that you don't have any real questions about what to expect and all that from any of them?

TB: Yeah, I'm comfortable with all of them.

BRR: OK, here's a question for the Husker fans, and it's basically just trying to quantify interest. From 1-10, 1 meaning that's where you are going to go and 10 meaning you don't even know who that school is, where does Nebraska sit as far as interest?

TB: Three or four, I'd say. They are up there, definitely.

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