Texas DT looking to impress at Husker camp

Kyrian Batiste doesn't currently have an offer from Nebraska. But that's something he's trying to change. The DT played almost exclusively on offense last year, because they had two go down with season-ending injuries. Hard to get your name out as a DT when that happens. But this camp is a way to do just that. And what better place to start then the former home of Ndamukong Suh.

Big Red Report: So, you are going to be camping at Nebraska?

Kyrian Batiste: Yeah, I am next week

BRR: OK, just double checking your measurables, here, what's your height and weight right now?

KB: I'm 6-3, 290

BRR: I'm going to assume that due to the fact that you are camping at Nebraska, Ndamukong Suh isn't a new name to you.

KB: Yeah, I know all about him.

BRR: Is there anything from his game you can actually put into your game, or do you not look at it like that?

KB: I'd like to be strong like him, so I can push those big 330 pound boys around like he does.

BRR: How strong are you right now? What's your bench and squat?

KB: My squat is 485 and my bench is 345.

BRR: So, what was the inspiration to camp at Nebraska?

KB: They had been sending me a lot of letters. And this last year watching them and watching Suh, they are a dominant program. Plus, I like playing football in the cold.

BRR: You have to be one of the first people I have ever talked to that actually wants to play football in the cold. It can't get all that cold down there.

KB: No, it's hot. It's over a hundred today. I don't know. I think I get it from my grandma, because she keeps her house real cold. And I keep my room as cold as I can, have fans running and stuff like that.

BRR: So, what do you think your strengths as a DT are?

KB: My strengths are that I am very aggressive and I have quick steps. And I know how to beat the offensive guards, because I played offensive guard and tackle last year. And if I am on the offensive side, I know what DTs like to do.

BRR: What kind of recruiting attention have you gotten as far as the schools showing you interest?

KB: SMU, Houston, TCU, Oklahoma State, Northwestern, Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Louisiana Tech, Rice…and some others

BRR: Are there some of these schools that seem more interested than the others?

KB: Well, my dad's friend is a coach up there(Kansas State), so he has been on me since I was little. SMU too.  I have been really interested in Nebraska too, but my parents say it's too far.

BRR: Nebraska hasn't currently offered you. If they do offer you is it too far then?

KB: (laughing) No, it's not too far then. I talk to Donovan (Vestal) to about it and Jamal (Turner) about it too.

BRR: Are you pretty tight with those two?

KB: Yeah, I have known Jamal ever since I was little. I have been playing basketball with him since I was small. And Donovan, we played on the Pee Wee Raiders together.

BRR: So, what do you think of Jamal? He seems like a confident kid.

KB: He knows how to carry a team on his shoulders. He's so talented. He's quick. He is phenomenal. Anywhere you want him to play, that guy can play.

BRR: How do you look at this upcoming camp at Nebraska?

KB: I look at it as a job interview. I heard there are some big boys in Nebraska, because I don't care. I will go up against anyone. That's how I was at OU. I was there as a freshman, going up against seniors who were 6-6 and 300 lbs. I don't care. If you want something, you have to fight for it.

BRR: Hypothetically speaking, I have to assume that if Nebraska liked what you showed and offered you, that would put them high on your list.

KB: They'd be number one. I mean, they would be my first offer, and an offer like that could open the door for more. But the Nebraska one would be big. I know that some teams are all into recruiting wide receivers and all that. But Nebraska didn't win with offense last year. They won it with defense. So, I like that. It all starts on the line, and I think that's how they do things. If you dominate on the line, you dominate games.

BRR: So, what were your stats last year?

KB: I played offensive guard and offensive tackle almost the entire year. So, I didn't get much time on defense.

BRR: If a team recruits you for that side of the ball, is it one you would be interested in playing?

KB: It's the line. I'm interesting in playing the line, and I don't care what side it's on. Anywhere a college wants me, that's where I'll play.

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