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Cameron Coffman, the quarterback for Raymore-Peculiar high school in Raymore (MO) has carried an offer from Nebraska since last year. And in a couple weeks he'll be making a trip to Lincoln for the Husker Elite Quarterback Camp. We talk about that upcoming visit, the status of his recruitment, and several other topics in this most recent update with Big Red Report.

Saying Cameron Coffman has football in his genes would be the understatement of the millennium. With almost every male in his family going on from high school to play college football and more, it seems his fate may have been sealed since birth.

"Yeah, you could say I have a lot of football in my family. My dad (Paul Coffman) played 11 years in the pros, mostly with the Packers. My brother Chase played at Missouri in college and plays right now for the Bengals, and my other brother Carson is the quarterback for Kansas State. That's really all the males in my family but me," laughed Cameron.

"My sister also plays sports in college, she plays volleyball at Wyoming."

Is there any pressure to follow in the footsteps of your father or brothers, and play at KSU or Missouri?

"Maybe, but I'm open to everybody. I actually would like to do something different, and make my own path, rather than just follow them. Just make a name for myself I guess you could say."

 Where are you at on offers?

"I think I've got five right now, Arizona State, Nebraska, Iowa State, Kansas State and Wyoming. I've been getting a lot of interest from Alabama, Notre Dame and a few others. I am supposed to go down to the camp in Alabama here in about a month, so they could offer then."

Word is you'll be at the QB camp in Lincoln next month.

"Yeah, that's true. I'll be over there in June. I've been to the school a few times before, but I'm looking forward to seeing the coaches again, and working with them during the camp."

Cameron (6-2/185) then when on to talk about the interest from Nebraska, and when it got started.

"I actually hadn't heard from them at all, I was getting all this mail from these other schools. Then one day my head coach called me into his office and told me Nebraska offered, that was some time last year right after our football season ended. I was really happy and surprised at the same time.

"Since then I've been getting a lot of mail from them. I've been down there a few times to see games that my brothers were playing in, so I know a little about what they have to offer. I also got to talk to coach Watson when I was down for the junior day, and we have a good relationship already.

"I like coach Watson a lot, he seems like a real good coach, and I'm excited to work with him next month at the QB camp in Nebraska."

Since you've been to the campus in Lincoln before, what are your thoughts about the program?

"I love the tradition of the football team at Nebraska. I love the way the fans support the team with the 300 and something sellouts. The Nebraska fans are crazy about their football team, and I like that about the school a lot. I've seen their facilities down there and I really like what they have going on with that.

"Their offense is a good fit for me too. They still run some under-the-center, pro sets, and I think I would be good fit in that offense."

Usually when you ask a recruit to describe their skill sets as a football player, they give you a list of physical attributes. But Cameron thinks he has a few intangibles that define him as a player.

"I'm a fierce competitor, I just want to win. If that means throwing, running, whatever it takes to win the game, that's what I'll do. I don't really worry about all the other things, if you go out and put it all out on the line, usually good things will happen."

Would you consider yourself a drop-back guy, or a dual threat QB?

"I can do both, but I like to drop back and make plays with my arm first. I'm a pretty accurate passer, and I feel like I throw well on the move. But I can get yards on the ground if I need to."

Lastly, tell me what you are looking for in a program.

"I'd like to play in an offense that runs some pro-style sets, like Nebraska does. I want to play under center some in college, not everything from the shot-gun. Playing for a good group of coaches is important too, I want to have a solid relationship with my coaches for sure.

"Other than that, I'll just pray about it, and hopefully God will lead me the right way. I just want to feel comfortable with my choice. Distance isn't a big deal, but I'd like for my parents to be able to get to my games fairly easy, but we'll see."

Through his youth, Cameron has participated in a litany of sports including soccer, wrestling, football, baseball and basketball, but will use his senior year to solely focus on football. He plans to take a few official visits before making a commitment, but wouldn't rule out an early verbal if he got "that feeling". And when asked what he plans to major in, he replied "football".

 Big Red Report will continue to keep you updated on the recruitment of Cameron Coffman through the summer.

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