Huskers offer Florida LB

The linebacker recruiting may be one of the most national searches that the Huskers seem to be doing this spring. Nebraska is looking coast to coast for one, maybe two, linebacker recruits for the 2011 class. Their latest search has led the Nebraska staff down to Miami where they offered a very athletic and physical linebacker.

The evaluation period is over and it was a little bit overwhelming to Miami (Flor.) North Miami Beach linebacker, Keeon Virgile. He could have never imagined the response he received this spring by colleges.

"It went alright," Virgile said. "It felt good to see that many schools come through to see me. I had no idea how many would come through.

"I thought maybe a handful or so, but it was really overfilling my cup. It was some validation to my hard work. It felt good. It's been overwhelming."

Virgile has dedicated himself in many different areas to get ready for his senior year and for college. The first part started in the classroom.

"I had to get better at class first, so I am working on that. On the field I wanted to be better at my reads, get quicker, get faster, strong and just be better than what I was last year."

If you see Virgile's film you will see an active linebacker that is very hard to pick up on the blitz. Virgile says that he's comfortable doing everything that a linebacker is asked to do though.

"I scheme people. People think that they know what I am going to do, but they never know. I guess that's why my coach lets me blitz like that.

"There really isn't anyone that can pick me up. I think that I can rush the quarterback, stop the run and drop into coverage. I think that I can do all of them."

It really hasn't mattered a lot to Virgile how many offers he received; it wasn't a bragging point. He was satisfied with just one to know that he would get a chance to play college football.

"I think that I have around 10 offers. I have offers from Bowling Green, FIU, Western Michigan, Syracuse, Purdue, South Florida, Ole Miss, Georgia, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska and Wake Forest."

Nebraska is one of the last teams to offer Virgile so he hasn't really had a chance to do any research on the school yet. Still, Virgile is interested enough in Virgile to say that he would like to visit.

"Nebraska just offered me last week. I think that Nebraska is a very good school, but I didn't see them on television last year. They are a school that I would be interested in visiting."


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