Hoops Grades - NU vs OU

Reality check! Yep, it couldn't last forever. The "streak" is over. Yeah, it was only two games, but after this season, that's darn near epic in proportion. Oklahoma was next though and there was a chance it wouldn't be pretty. Take a look at our grades for NU as they lose to OU, 76-51.

Huskers vs. Oklahoma Sooners Report Card

The win streak is snapped big time in blowout loss, 76-51. Box Score

Offense: D

If Andrew Drevo had not shown up for this game, then it could have been even uglier offensively. The recipe for a poor offensive output was there from the beginning with the Huskers last place scoring offense and the Sooners first place scoring defense matching up. Nebraska had way too many turnovers to stay in this game for more than the first ten minutes. If you did not already know, 20 turnovers with just 9 assists is a very poor ratio to have. The Big Red also only managed to put up 18 points in the first half. Because of the two relatively successful games on offense at home last week this was a slight disappointment even with the odds stacked against Nebraska.

Best: Drevo – 11-17 FG with 1-2 3-point for 24 points. Andrew erupted in this game after some subpar efforts in the recent past. Too bad he was the only one to bring his game on the plane to Norman.

Worst: Clemmons – 3-12 FG with 0-3 3-point for 8 points. Brennon did a nice job penetrating the lane on occasion, but could not finish at all. Brian Conklin was nonexistent again with a 0-for-5 shooting night. Also, it is unbelievable that Nate Johnson only took two shots in this game.

Defense: D

The turnovers did not help the Huskers ability to play defense and that led to a game-clinching 25-0 run by the Sooners at the end of the first half and into the second. The two teams were actually tied at 12 before OU took control of the game at the end of the first half. Every team struggles to stop Hollis Price, who had 20 points, but many teams are able to contain Jabahri Brown. Brown was not stopped by the interior big men of Nebraska and put in 14 points. Again, like the offense, consistency has been one of the many problems this team has had on defense. One week features stout defensive pressure inside and out and then all of that goes away the next week. Sadly, most of the blame for that inconsistency is a lack of talent.

Best: Oklahoma themselves – The main reason this game was tied at 12 after the first ten minutes was because the Sooners were ice cold. Nebraska did a decent job challenging those shots, but it was more of a case of OU being off than anything the Huskers did.

Worst: Every Husker – It is impossible to single out anybody, so everybody lands here. Oklahoma had five guys in double figures for scoring and the lone starter that did not reach that mark, Quannas White with three points, had double digits in assists with ten.

Rebounding: B

The Huskers were beaten 40-36 on the boards, so it was not a major defeat in this area by any means. There was nothing too spectacular in this department which was mostly a push between the two teams. Brennon Clemmons did a great job on the glass and almost made up for his lack of scoring.

Best: Clemmons – 11 rebounds with 2 offensives. BC has been fantastic on the boards in the past few games. The perimeter-based teams Nebraska has played of late have created longer rebounds and Brennon has pounced on those.

Worst: Drevo – 4 rebounds with 1 offensive. This is not that bad, but a couple more would have been nice. Having Andrew here is a bit nitpicky, but the MVP of this team could have done a little more.

Free Throw Shooting: F

Nebraska only attempted 16 free-throws and made just 8 of those. The guards were penetrating somewhat, but were unable to draw many fouls on the Oklahoma big men. This area did not affect the final outcome in the game, but could have had an impact on the spread. Oklahoma was favored by 20 ½, so you do the math if Nebraska had hit 5 more.

Best: Jason Dourisseau – 2-2 FT. Nicely done by the freshman, although Lloyd Noble Arena is probably the least intimidating building in the Big 12. Nate Johnson also hit both of his free-throws.

Worst: Turek – 1-6 FT. The Oklahoma broadcast team had a good time at John's expense. The nickname of "Mr. Brick" was used to describe Turek at the line. Aptly named by the OU crew.

Overall: D

After a very nice week at home, Nebraska came back to the reality of a very poor year. Oklahoma simply destroyed the Huskers and showed no signs of looking ahead to Texas after the first few minutes of the game. Oklahoma's defense was very good, but a number of the Nebraska turnovers were unforced. The composure of this young squad is obviously doubted by Barry right now because he used four timeouts to try to stop Sooner runs in the first half. Andrew Drevo's shooting and Brennon Clemmons' rebounding were the only two bright spots in this game, which was actually more lopsided than the score indicated if you can believe that. The Sooners held a lead of 35 points three times.

Up Next: @ Colorado

Another rough road trip follows the beating in Norman. Colorado has not lost at home in the Big 12 this year and its only loss all year at home was to Georgia on a 3-point buzzer beater. So this game will not be easy for the much younger and less talented Huskers. The only thing going for Nebraska may end up as a negative. Nebraska beat Colorado earlier this year and that can serve as a blueprint for success in this game. At the same time, Colorado can view that game as motivation on top of their Senior Night. You can expect Stephane Pelle to have a huge night in his last home game. Hopefully, Nebraska can keep this one respectable, but it probably will not happen.

Prediction: Colorado 78 Nebraska 56

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