Turner ready to show his strength

He might be one of the more anticipated players for Nebraska in some time. The electric athlete that is Jamal Turner. As it is with most recruits nowadays, there is no such thing as an off-season. Even now he's at a team camp in Wichita Falls. But we caught up with him to see how things were going and his plans for the Summer. One of those plans includes a trip to Lincoln at the end of June.

Big Red Report: How's it going?

Jamal Turner: I'm doing good. We are at a team camp in Wichita Falls and we are on break right now. I'm just trying to work on my footwork and the little things. But I have been surprised a lot on my deep balls, because they have been so accurate it's crazy. But I'm looking good, man. I got my Nebraska hat on and people are always asking me ‘hey, you going there?', and I said yeah, I already committed. So, it's all pretty cool.

BRR: I know commitments don't mean much to schools nowadays in regard to who they are going after. Any schools actually backed off from you?

JT: Yeah, some have. TCU has laid off. But Oklahoma State and Texas A&M are still coming after me. I guess they think they have some hope.

BRR: Hey, I was talking to Kyrian Batiste, a defensive tackle out of around your area. He said that you can put a team on your shoulders like no other. What do you think when someone who isn't even on your team says that about you?

JT: Well, I remember my coach when I was a sophomore competing against three seniors for the job at quarterback, the coach told me that the team is yours, but you have to do it. You have to be able to put the team on your back. But I have never heard anyone just say that about me. So, that's pretty cool. I'm honored that anyone would say that about me.

BRR: But that is how you approach a game, isn't it? When the game is on the line, what's going through your mind?

JT: Give me the ball. I want the ball in my hands at all times. That's the only reason I play quarterback. 99 percent of the time I have the ball. That's just how I go about it. It's easier to score a touchdown when I got the ball.

BRR: Now, you probably know who Tommie Frazier is, don't ya?

JT: Who doesn't know who he is? I know exactly who he is.

BRR: There's a story about when Nebraska faced Miami for what would be the first national title under Tom Osborne as the head coach. Just going on what you hear, Nebraska was down by about 10, and Frazier was pacing up and down the sidelines telling people that he didn't know how they were going to win, but they were going to win…one way or another. Of course, Nebraska did go onto win that game. That mentality speaks to wanting the ball in your hands, but it also speaks to this absolute will to win that can and often does define players. Is that how you approach it?

JT: Exactly. That's exactly how I approach it. I remember a game last year against Summit (Mansfield), and it was like a record. Because we scored over 50 points and they scored like 60. There was around three minutes to go in the game, we were down by about a touchdown and we were on our own 10-yard line. We ran a trick play and we got it down to their 10. We didn't win the game, but you can't give up. You never give up. As long as you can make a play, you have a chance to win. That's how I look at it. I just tell the team to let's go, and we go out and do whatever we can to get it done.

BRR: What's left for the Summer for you?

JT: We got 7-on-7, but I am going up to the quarterback camp at Nebraska. I can't wait to get up there and show what I can do.

BRR: That camp seems like it's going to be loaded with competition, some for this year and some from your grade. Anything in particular you want to show during that camp?

JT: My arm strength. I can throw the ball around 60 yards. I am going to try and show that off.

BRR: What do you think of all that potential competition?

JT: It's cool. You get better when you compete against great players. I bet they can't outrun me though.

We'll catch up with Jamal after his QB Academy to see just how his experience went.

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