Johnson already looking at official visits

The offers have now exceeded 30. The attention certainly isn't dying down. But for one of the top defensive tackles in the country you really wouldn't expect it to. We talked to Mickey Johnson about his plans over the Summer. And he's already thinking about official visits come the beginning of his season. To where? Well, we asked.

Big Red Report: How has the Summer been going?

Mickey Johnson: Oh, pretty good. We are just going through Summer workouts

BRR: You visiting any places yet or going to?

MJ: On Tuesday we are going to be flying out to California to visit UCLA

BRR: Is that for a camp or just going to check it out?

MJ: Just to check them out

BRR: Going to any other places?

MJ: I'm not sure, but as I go along I will figure it out. Next Friday I might be going to Ole Miss.

BRR: With all these offers, did it ever get to the point where you kind of threw your arms up and just gave up trying to figure it all out right now?

MJ: At first I did, but my parents sat down with me and we talked about places I want to go see and what schools I would definitely not consider going to and that type of deal.

BRR: Who are your most recent offers?

MJ: Florida State, UCLA and Illinois

BRR: Obviously UCLA got your interest with the offer.

MJ: Well, I am from California, so I knew about them before the offer.

BRR: About Nebraska specifically, what's the basic impression you get from them and with all the interest you are getting from all over, where are you right now in regard to interest in them?

MJ: Well, with Nebraska, I am most likely going to use one of my official visits to go there, being that it's a long ways from where I am from. Also, I am familiar with Bo Pelini and what he did with LSU. And I know about their defensive line up there and they had Ndamukong Suh. I just remember watching that Texas game and he was just throwing (Colt) McCoy all over the place. It was really at that point that Nebraska got me interested. They hadn't offered at that point, but they finally offered and it was pretty exciting when they did.

BRR: Had you ever seen a defensive player dominate a game like that?

MJ: No, I haven't. Actually, I usually flip through channels. I don't really watch like one entire game. But I turned it to that and watched the whole thing, because of Suh.

BRR: Obviously the collegiate level and prep level are miles apart, but have you ever had games like that where teams seemed to do everything to stop you, but to no avail?

MJ: A couple games this last year, I guess. But every game I am getting double teamed or triple teamed.

BRR: Is there a different mentality you have to have when you know you are going to be getting that kind of attention?

MJ: You just have to practice like it's your last play. You have to be sound in everything you do from your motor to your technique. When you know teams are going to be keying on you like that, you just have to be mentally prepared.

BRR: When is the last time you talked to a coach from Nebraska?

MJ: They came by the school, and I know coach J.P. (John Papuchis) was there. But they really couldn't talk to me.

BRR: Of all these schools you have tried to familiarize yourself with, how many of them have you gotten to know well?

MJ: Nebraska, LSU, Tulsa, Texas A&M, UCLA…they are all cool guys, really laid back.

BRR: OK, so one of your official visits seems to be set. What about the rest?

MJ: Michigan is one other I am kind of set on taking. I am not sure about the others.

BRR: With all the increased attention, has that changed your criteria at all in regard to how you look at these schools and what you are looking for?

MJ: No, it's pretty much the same as it has been. I'm just trying to get it all sorted out.


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