Davie heading to Lincoln (UPDATED)

He won the 100m dash. He won the 200m dash. And he just recently ran a sub-4.4 in the 40 at a camp at the University of Kansas. The Jayhawks have already offered Nebraska's own Daniel Davie. But now with a Husker camp on the horizon, will the Huskers follow suit?

UPDATED: June 07, 2010: Per a conversation with Daniel Davie today, he has changed his plans and will be attending the Husker camp second session, which is scheduled to begin on the 10th.

Following his camp at Kansas, Davie said it was simply a matter of being a bit sore, and wanting to make sure that he'd be good to go when the Husker camp arrived.


Daniel Davie has KU in the rearview mirror, just coming from a camp where he posted a 4.34 40 as well as a 37-inch vertical.

That's explosive.

Of course, you didn't really need that to tell you as Davie is now the current state champ at both the 100m and 200m

Davie received his offer from Kansas right around the time of the State Championships.

And Nebraska's could be soon to come. That's what friends basically tell Davie they think will happen following this one-day camp in Lincoln tomorrow. "I guess some are expecting me to get the offer. But I don't worry about it at this point. If it comes, it comes," he said. "It's not like I am going to commit if they offer me. I'd love to have the offer, sure. But if I get it, I'm going to sit on it and keep looking at what is best for me."

Davie's KU offer joins a group of others which include North Dakota State and Ohio. From the outside looking in, it seems the Jayhawk offer would easily be the most attractive of this group.

But if Nebraska were to join that list, one would have to think that it changes the picture dramatically. Not so dramatically as you might think, Davie said. "It would be great to get it. And there's no doubt that they would be at the top of the list with Kansas. But I'm not making a decision anytime soon," he said. "But it's an offer you want to get when you grow up here. It's Nebraska. But I still have to make sure that wherever I go is the best fit for me."

Of tomorrow's one-day experience, Davie will do the testing, but like all kids who come to these things, it's the one-on-ones which really get him excited. "I heard there were going to be some good players there. So, it should be fun," he said.

Big Red Report will keep you up to date on what happens tomorrow, how Davie does and see just what Nebraska does, if anything.

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