Pirman blowing up. Gets offer from NU

When the decision was made to commit to Indiana, it was made with the clear idea that this place was a good fit, and it came at a time where it felt necessary to do so. A lot has changed for Max Pirman since then, as this multi-position standout has blown up, as they say. So, how does that affect his commitment to Indiana?

You could say Max Pirman has blown up. At one point he had an offer from Indiana, a school he would eventually give his pledge to for the future. Then some MAC schools followed suit. But it's been a bit of a whirlwind since as other teams from other conferences threw their hat in the ring. "Well, Bowling Green offered me. Then it was Kansas the day after that. And then it was Nebraska the day after that," said Pirman, who measures in at 6-5, 225 and has ran a best forty of 4.65. "A week later or so, Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State all came by the school. Michigan State and West Virginia said if I visit they would offer me, too."

Not bad for a guy who broke his collar bone at the beginning of last year, and only played the last half of the season, yet still managed to finish with seven sacks, 4.5 of those coming in the team's final game. In total he had 35 tackles and he also recovered a fumble which he forced.

And it's all accomplished with obvious athleticism, but with something else Pirman says brings it altogether. "I'm basically just walking around pissed off all the time when I play. I am quicker than most of the tackles I face when coming off that edge, but I'm not a real happy guy when I'm out there either," he said.

Pirman is being recruited to play anything from a hybrid linebacker role, where he can be in the "up" or "down" position during the course of the game. But like Nebraska, some are pursuing him strictly as a defensive end.

Pirman said he's open to either, but looks at his strengths as ideal for coming off that edge. "I'd say from the down position suits me best, because I am really good getting around that edge. And I like being at a position where I can just kind of cut loose and get to the quarterback," he said.

But all this goes back to his decision, and why he made it initially to Indiana around mid-April. It wasn't what most think, according to Pirman, who cited hearing opinions that basically made it sound like he committed to Indiana, because it was his first offer and he wasn't expecting any after that. He said it was simply logic. "When I committed to them, the coaches there had said they were taking four defensive linemen, and they had three committed already," Pirman said. "I wasn't real sure how long that spot would last, and I really, really like the coaches there.

"People keep making it sound like a place I committed to, because there was nothing else. But I love it there. They have new facilities, and it's a place I know fits me."

But Max did admit that he's been taking visits, one recent one to Notre Dame. But it's not about wandering eyes. Again, it's logic. "A good friend of mine committed to Akron, and he had other options after that. But he stuck with Akron and then they had a really bad season, coaches were let go and my friend didn't have any other options," he said. "I didn't want that to happen. And I know Indiana probably isn't winning a national title anytime soon. But I think they are going to do well.

"But just in case they don't do well enough that some coaches are actually let go, right now is the time I need to make sure I am prepared for that."

Nebraska has courted Pirman as much as they can under the rules. But they didn't really have to put a foot in the door to try and get his attention. After all, Nebraska led the nation in scoring defense as well as pass efficiency defense. That's bound to catch any defensive player's eye.

Oh, and then there was that one other little factor which played in Nebraska's favor.

Guess what, or I should say, who?

"Suh has been like a role model of mine, to be honest. He's really someone I kind of pattern my game after even though we play different positions," Pirman said of former Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who ranks as one of the most decorated defensive players in college football history. "I mean, that Texas game, they couldn't do anything against him. He just dominated even when everyone was trying to stop just him."

That keeps Nebraska in the picture, but it's a picture which Pirman insists has the Hoosiers in the forefront with everyone else in the background. But for his own sake when it comes to his potential future, he's not closing the door on anyone. "I have to keep my options open, but Indiana is still my team. If all the coaches who are there now are there after this next season is done, that's where I am going to go." He said.

Max said he has no immediate plans for any visits and will not attend any camps either.


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