Close to his final eight

It's getting to be about that time for Rob Hankins. Hankins is sitting on a mound of offers and the difficult task of trimming his list has started for the most part, but isn't complete. Hankins is eyeing the end of the summer to trim his list by as well as announce the five schools he will officially visit. Are the Huskers still in the running for Hankins?

Rob Hankins saw a lot of teams come through the doors of Dallas (Texas) Perish Episcopal this spring. The 6-foot-1 and 218-pound linebacker drew a lot of pride from that.

"It went pretty well," Hankins said. "I have a lot of pride in the fact that all of those teams want me to play for them and that they are there to recruit me."

Hankins wanted to improve on one area from where he was at as a junior to his senior year. It's tough to improve on 136 tackles, 25 tackles for loss and 12 sacks, but Hankins saw a need in one area.

"The main thing that I wanted to improve was the leadership and the leadership of the team. All of the seniors from last year are gone and there's big hype with my name now that I am not used to.

"A lot of people do look up to me, but the biggest thing was assuming that role, that leadership role with the team. It's been my responsibility to my team.

"I have always led by example. I am always the first one on the field and last one to leave. I give 100% every time I go. I wanted to be more verbal this year. I am not a yeller, but if they are screwing up I need to let them know."

There has been a little rumor that Hankins might be getting ready to trim his list of favorites. It's somewhat true, but it's just not going to happen for a couple of months or so.

"At the end of the summer I will have a short list. I am getting pretty close right now to cutting the list. I will also have the list of the five schools I will take official visits too as well.

"My first list will have probably eight teams. Some teams that have already made the cut are Miami, Arizona and Cal. Nebraska will probably be one of those eight too."

The Huskers are right in the thick of it for Hankins because of the approach of the recruiting coach, John Papuchis, with Hankins. Hankins has seen a genuine interest coming from Papuchis and Nebraska.

"I like the fact that he wants to get personal with me when it comes to recruiting and allow that type of communication between the two of us. He's a great guy and I really enjoy talking to him.

"He doesn't just talk to me about selling Nebraska he talks to me about anything and offers me advice on everything we talk about. It shows me that I am not just another number; he wants me to be part of the family."

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