If Nebraska were to offer…

It's been a while since Nebraska was serious about an in-state quarterback. Nebraska received a commitment from Allan Evridge before a head coaching change was made. Before that, you would have to go back to Mike Stuntz and Mike McLaughlin. Since those three though, there's been no one that's really fit what Nebraska needed at quarterback. Could there be now?

Say the name Tay Bender and you might be potentially talking about the first commitment in the class of 2012 for Nebraska. The 6-foot-2 and 200-pound quarterback with 4.47 speed from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest will be in Lincoln for the quarterback academy.

"I didn't attend the quarterback academy last year," Bender said. "I only went to the team camp. I worked out as a quarterback a majority of the time though.

"I was getting reps at cornerback that season in varsity, but I was the starting quarterback for the JV team. I was kind of getting time, but not really."

The quarterback academy will put Bender on a stage. It's a stage he'll share with other quarterbacks to compete, but also a stage in front of the Nebraska offensive coordinator and quarterback coach, Shawn Watson.

"I think that this is a big chance for me. It's a way to get my name put out there and I want to see what opportunities could come my way as a result."

Bender is going into the camp with realistic expectations. He just wants to improve as a player and prepare himself for two more years at Southwest.

"It would be nice to get an offer, but I am not expecting it. The offers will come. Right now my focus is just getting better for my junior and senior year, that's it."

Bender mentioned taking his time, but there is one scenario where that goes right out the window. There is a chance that Bender could come away from camp with an offer.

"I think that if I got an offer from Nebraska this coming weekend after camp would be enough. I have always wanted to play for Nebraska. I would potentially commit right there."

Bender is hampered by an injury and that has given him a chance to work on some areas of his game that doesn't center on being mobile. Still, if he was 100%, Bender says that he can run and pass equally well.

"I just recently pulled a hamstring, but what I have been working is my pocket passing and my footwork in the drop-back. I am really working on my passing and accuracy.

"If I were healthy I would say that I am a very good runner. I am a balanced quarterback who can pass and run the ball. If you are open, I will get you the ball. If I am feeling pressure I can break the pocket and make something happen."

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