Big man on the road

Cyrus Hobbi is pretty popular at this point. Well into the double-digits in regard to offers, that kind of goes without saying. Well, he's been trying to be the proactive sort, and get ahead of the recruiting as much as he can by hitting the road to see what was out there. We talked to him about where he's been, where he's going and, of course, where Nebraska sits with him right now.

Big Red Report: So, what have you been up to since the last time we talked a couple of months ago?

Cyrus Hobbi: Just doing some Summer workouts. I actually just got back from California Thursday last week. I was checking out some schools over there.

BRR: Where did you go?

CH: I went up north to Cal and then went down to L.A. to see UCLA and USC

BRR: What did you think of the three?

CH: Cal was nice. I liked it a lot, and so was USC. But I think my favorite of the three was UCLA. It was just gorgeous. I fell in love with the place. When it comes to Cal, I used to live in New York and it kind of reminded me of New York. It's kind of up in the hills and there are a lot of trees. And their dorm rooms are probably the nicest I have seen so far.

BRR: Who are your most recent offers over the last month?

CH: I don't even know. I think my most recent two were LSU and Boise State.

BRR: How many does that make now?

CH: I think maybe 20. Maybe more?

BRR: Have you even begun to try and figure all this stuff out? I know you are taking visits, but have you tried to narrow it down at all?

CH: Trying to, a little bit. I think my girlfriend has been doing more with the mailing than I have. But I am going to wait until after the Summer until I narrow it down, after I get done with visits.

BRR: What's left for visits?

CH: I know for a fact that I am going to see Michigan and Notre Dame, because I am going to New York and they are on the way. Then I might go down to see some of the SEC schools or some of the ACC schools. I am not sure about that, but I'd like to.

BRR: Where does Nebraska figure in this? Are they a school you are still looking at?

CH: Yeah, definitely. I like coach (Ron) Brown a lot. I want to try and get a chance to get out there and see the campus. I like Nebraska from everything I hear about how physical the guys are they put into the league. So, I'd like to get a chance to check them out. I like them a lot.

BRR: OK, here's a really off the cuff question, but there's so much going around about conference expansions. How much do you care about that stuff?

CH: I don't care about that stuff.

BRR: It's just football, right?

CH: Definitely. I don't care where I play. I just want to play.

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