"I'd probably commit."

Already knowing a Husker who is currently on campus and another one who will be heading to Nebraska next year, defensive tackle Kyrian Batiste had a decent feel for the Huskers. He didn't have an offer though. That's what this camp was about. It was about showing what he could do. And how did that go? We asked him.

Big Red Report: OK, so you got your chance to show the coaches at Nebraska what you could do. How do you think it went?

Kyrian Batiste: It went good, the coaches really liked me. They said I was strong, was quick off the ball and very physical.

BRR: What coaches did you get a chance to talk to while you were there?

KB: I got a chance to talk to the Head Coach as well as the Defensive Coordinator (Carl Pelini) and Coach J.P.

BRR: We talked to Ryne Reeves earlier, and he said he went against both you and Dylan Wynn primarily. What was that like going against him?

KB: That was a battle. We were stalemating a lot. The guy knows how to counter everything you do. He can read you really well. He's got quick feet, so what I was doing was just speed rushing him, trying to stay low and explode through him if I could.

BRR: I noticed in some camps we covered that during these one-on-ones, players are kind of on their own to get in line and wait their turn. But I notice that some players don't like waiting. They want to go at it, over and over again. Was that you this camp?

KB: Oh yeah. I was first in line every single time. I wanted to go at Ryne every single time. I wanted to beat him so bad, but we kept stalemating. The guy is good. But if nobody was going to tell me to go the back of the line, I wasn't. I wanted to go again.

BRR: You said the coaches liked you. Any other feedback you get from them as far as what you did and how you did it?

KB: Coach told my dad they really liked me. They like how physical I am. You can tell that's one thing they care about a lot – just being physical and fundamentally sound.

BRR: What kind of feel did you get from them as far as an offer potentially coming?

KB: It felt good. I think I showed them what I could do. They have another camp, but they said they would let me know after both camps and after they look at film on everyone. I think they are close to offering.

BRR: What would you do if they offered you?

KB: I don't know what I would do. I'd be exciting, I know that. I'd probably commit. Honestly, I don't know, but it would be exciting.

BRR: You had a chance to tour the place. What did you think?

KB: Everyone is just nice there. Everyone. The campus is beautiful and they are really serious about their religion there. I like that, and my parents like that a lot too.

BRR: What's left for you over the Summer that you know of?

KB: This Friday I am going to Baylor. Saturday we are going to Houston for a camp and then next week is Alabama for a team camp. I'm not sure about after that. We'll just have to see.

BRR: Jamal Turner is a commit for next year's class, and he's someone you know. But you also are good friends with Donovan Vestal, who is on campus right now. Did you get a chance to talk to him?

KB: No, I saw him, but he was in study hall. So, he couldn't really talk that much. But I saw him.

BRR: Anything else stand out about your experience at Nebraska?

KB: I just like the fact that the coaches are focused on you. They care about the little things, about being sound fundamentally and working on the basics. I know they liked how physical I was, but being sound is something that's really important to me. I like that it's important to them.

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