So, what about the Big Ten?

Out of all of the early commitments for Nebraska there are two that really are in Big 10 country in Kevin Williams and Ryan Klechko. What's more is that there might be some fallout to players in Big 12 country knowing that they won't be playing in the Big 12, chiefly players from Texas. So, what does Jamal Turner think about playing teams like Ohio State instead of Texas or Oklahoma?

If you have been living on Mars the last 48-72 hours you might not know that Nebraska is more than likely going to accept an invitation with the Big 10 very soon. Jamal Turner has heard the talk, but says that his decision to be a future Husker is not affected.

"Everybody has been talking about that, it's crazy!" Turner said. "My decision wasn't about the conference when I chose Nebraska. Big 12 or not, I just want to be part of the organization at Nebraska.

"I'd like to go and beat Texas and Oklahoma every year, but now we get to go and beat Ohio State and Michigan instead. That isn't too bad either. I really don't care."

Turner actually thinks that the Big 10 could be an upgrade in overall competition for Nebraska. While it could get more difficult, Turner is still confident that Nebraska could figure into Big 10 title contention every year.

"I really think that the competition in the Big 10, top to bottom, is going to be a little harder than in the Big 12. I think that Nebraska will be a good fit and can win the championship in the Big 10 every year."

Growing up in Texas it might be nice to play as many as three games a year in Texas, if the Big 12 title game was in Texas, but Turner has seen what the Big 10 has and looks forward to his family seeing him play all the time.

"Not really. I don't really care too much. It would have been nice to play in-state like in Austin or Waco, which is just a couple of hours away, but the Big 10 has their own network. They can see me on TV all the time."

The Big 10 network makes up a lot of the void that might be left by not playing in the home state. Travel is going to be more expensive to Big 10 opponents' towns, but the Big 10 network takes that out of the equation.

"While my family can't necessarily be there in person to see me play every week, but they can watch me play every week. That is a big deal. That is really a good substitute."

Turner is set to take part in the quarterback academy at Nebraska this coming weekend. He will only be able to take part for just a day because of summer school resuming on Monday.

"I will be up in Nebraska this Saturday in the early afternoon. I have to come back a little early, I leave on Sunday, because I have summer school to get ready to enroll at semester."



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