No Regrets

One of the recruits in town for the Nebraska camp earlier this week was Casey Young, a talented wide receiver prospect from Regis Jesuit high school in Aurora (CO). In this most recent update with Big Red Report, Casey talks about his camp performance, the possibility of a Nebraska offer, and his plans for the rest of the summer.

After arriving back home from a busy few days, Casey Young was kind enough to give us a few moments.

How did the camp go, did you and your father enjoy your time in Lincoln?

"Yeah, I had a blast, and my dad had a great time too. My dad and I actually flew out there, so it was a quick trip. We got up there Monday then drove down to Lincoln and slept there that night, we stayed at the Cornhusker, then got up the next morning and headed to the campus."

Can you kind of take me through your day at the camp and how it progressed?

"It was cool, because when I first got there that morning, coach Gilmore came up to me and said ‘OK, you are going to do the warm-ups with all the other guys, then I want you to go with coach Dobson, let him take you to the side, and do your testing, then meet back up with me after that'.

"Then he said in the afternoon session, he wanted to work with me individually."

Did they get your height and weight, maybe run you through some timed speed drills?

"Oh yeah, I came in at 6-foot-1 and 183 pounds I think it was. Coach Dobson had us run the forty, the broad jump, and the pro agility shuttle. They didn't give us our time in the forty, but I saw my pro agility time, it was a 4.2, and my broad jump was 9-foot-6.

"We did all that early on, but in the afternoon session everything got fun. That's when coach Gilmore took me, two other seniors, and one junior inside the indoor facility and worked us out for a good hour and a half. Tons of footwork stuff, they video taped the whole thing. And I kid you not, coach Pelini watched the entire thing"

Did that make you a little nervous?

"It did at first. In the morning session he watched us a lot too, and I let it get in my head and dropped a couple balls. But coach Gilmore came up to me and said ‘hey man, just relax and play your game'. I needed that, and thought about it during this little break we had.

"Then after that I gained my confidence back, and only dropped two out of the next 50, 60 balls. I know because my dad counted them", laughed Casey. "They actually had Joe Ganz throwing to us, so that was pretty cool."

Did you get to talk to coach Pelini at all?

"Yes, I did. I got to talk to coach Pelini for a little bit here and there. He shook my hand like three times, then right there at the end he came up to me and said thanks for coming.

"He told me it was fun watching me compete. Ganz over-threw me one time on a fade, and coach Pelini said ‘hey, tell him to stop over-throwing you and give you a good ball'. I just laughed though, I wasn't going to say anything to Joe, he is the man around there."

How do you think you did, are you proud of the performance you put up?

"I hope they like what they saw. Coach Pelini said they have one more high school session coming in the next week. Then the staff is going to sit down and watch all the film from the camps, and decide if they want to offer. He said to give them a call in about a week and a half, and they will have the verdict for me.

"I've got no regrets. When I got on that plane to come home I could honestly look over at my dad and say I gave my all, and hopefully the coaches see that. I worked my butt off and gave it everything I had. If in the end they didn't like what they saw, I have to move on. But I know, within myself, I put everything out there on the field."

Living in Colorado, Casey was already fully aware of the move of CU to the Pac 10. He has also heard the rumors of Nebraska joining the Big 10. So the question begs, if an offer from the Huskers comes in, will the conference change affect how he looks at the Husker program?

"No, I would be committing to the school and the coaches. Them moving to the Big 10 wouldn't matter to me at all. I know some kids may want to play in this or that conference, but for me, I look at the school and the coaches, and Nebraska is great in both of those areas."

Casey will be busy in the coming weeks with camps and visits set for CU, Wyoming, Kansas State and Utah. Big Red Report will continue to touch base with Casey, and bring you any details about a possible offer from Nebraska.



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