Davie did it

He came, he saw, he...well, you know the rest. From the 100m and 200m championship in the state track meet this year to getting the offers from the schools he was initially the most interested in, Davie has accomplished a lot this year. Now, at least for his future in football, what does it mean? We asked him about that, Nebraska's move to the Big Ten and Kansas' precarious position right now.

Following his camp today, after heading off campus to get a little lunch, Davie came back and Offensive Line Coach Barney Cotton said that he had an offer from the Huskers. Head Coach Bo Pelini would have offered it himself, but he had this thing about some conference deal. You might have heard about it.

Davie talked about his experience, and what he was surprised with, at least a bit, was that he didn't have to test. "I guess they thought I was fast enough by now, I didn't have to do the forty or the vertical," he said.

But he did get to work out in the one-on-ones, of course, facing players like now fellow Husker recruit with an offer, Kevonte Richardson. "That dude is smooth. He's super smooth. He makes it look easy even though you can tell he's working hard," Davie said.

But Davie did it, and he looks at some of his goal accomplished. "When I heard coach Gill was going to Kansas, I wanted to get an offer from them. And then I wanted to get one from Nebraska for obvious reasons," he said. "I feel like I kind of accomplished what I set out to to. Now we just have to sit down and talk about it as a family."

With that in mind, one might think that this could now speed up his process in regard to making his decision. Davie isn't sure as of yet. "I don't have a real time line on that. I'd just as soon not wait for a long time to make it. But there are a lot of things to think about," he said.

One of those happens to be the big news of the day, Nebraska going to the Big Ten with Kansas' future as of yet, uncertain. Some might not realize this, but Davie grew up in Michigan. So, Nebraska going to the Big Ten certainly doesn't hurt his feelings. "Oh yeah, that's a plus as far as I am concerned, because I'd get a chance to go against teams I grew up watching," he said. "My dad talks about that and playing at those places and against those teams. Yeah, Nebraska going there is fine with me."

Conversely, Kansas' situation is a little more fluid, which does give Davie pause. "I heard all kinds of rumors with them. One said that they might be going to the Mountain West. I don't think I'd like that very much," he said. "There's a lot of uncertainty there about what conference they will be in, if the Big 12 will be around. That's definitely a negative, at least right now. It's going to be important to me and my family that we have an idea about where Kansas is going to be playing."

But he's got the offer now, and now it's time to just sit back, enjoy it and do what he's wanted to do more than anything: help get his team ready for this next season. Davie has accomplished so much already, having won the 100m and 200m at the state track meet this year, and now he has offers from two schools he eyed as priorities as potential places for his future.

Now he just wants to stay healthy, think about this and at some point, like Nebraska did today for themselves, he'll know exactly what he'll be doing for the best interests of his future.

Davie said that the Huskers offered him as an athlete, as they worked him out as both a wide receiver and as a corner.



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