Top five CB talks about camp/visit to Lincoln

There's little doubt that fans were hoping when defensive back Josh Turner made his visit to Lincoln, he'd see something that really put Nebraska in the picture. But Nebraska was already there. Now the question is, did Nebraska move any higher up on his list?

Coming in with over 20 offers, the fervor around Josh Turner might be considered similar to the frenzy around fellow Oklahoma native Reggie Smith when he camped in Lincoln. But for Turner's part, he was mostly a spectator and touted tourist as he was there to learn and watch his fellow Millwood teammates compete during the second session of the Husker Summer camp.

A couple points of interest he had was the campus and the facilities. And he said the latter particularly impressed. "You can walk from one end of the football facility all the way to the other and you never have to go outside. That was pretty cool," Turner said. "The weather was actually a lot like home, because it was nice, then it rained and then it was pretty humid."

While Turner has tried to keep in contact with as many coaches as he can with the massive numbers of schools recruiting him, it's pretty obvious he can't talk to them all as often as he would like. This was his first real chance at a face-to-face with those whom he had talked to from time-to-time.

Again, another positive.

"The coaches were cool, and the players were really cool. They just talked to me about why they chose Nebraska," said Turner who indicated that a couple of the players he talked to the most were Steven and Courtney Osborne, a receiver and a defensive back for the Huskers, respectively.

Back to the camp, because Turner wasn't participating in the camp, he got to see some of his guys participate. In attendance from Millwood were wide receivers Shevin Patton and Brandon Swindall as well as defensive backs Michael Cole and Kevonte Richardson. Currently, Turner is the only one of the group who has a Husker offer. For Turner's part, he switched hats a bit while they participated and competed, going from teammate to tutor. "Yeah, I kind of was like a coach out there, just letting them know what I saw and what I thought they were doing," he said.

With that camp out of the way Turner said that going in and coming out, Nebraska didn't have a lot of room to improve. "They were already high on my list. They were up there with Oklahoma and Texas," Turner said. "I mean, I liked it and I learned a lot more about the place and what they are doing in the future."

One of those things will be going to the Big Ten. You might have heard about that. The Huskers will be trading rivals Oklahoma and Texas for touted traditions like Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan. Growing up in Oklahoma and having a lifetime of experiences when it comes to the rivalries in this conference and the bitterness between OU and UT, one would think that Nebraska moving to the Big Ten would be a negative.

Not so, Tuner indicated.

"It was a move they had to make for them. And players will get a chance to be on TV more than they have been before," he said. "And Michigan, Penn State and Ohio State – they have some pretty good teams, too. I don't really look at it as a negative. It definitely doesn't move them down on my list because of it."

There's nothing left as far as scheduled camps or unofficial visits for Turner. He said that he isn't sure of any of that and now it's about waiting and working out until seven-on-seven football in July. His decision is still slated to come during his final season of prep ball. So, this trip to Nebraska is one he'll take into consideration as he tries to figure out where he wants to go.



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