Mitchell talks about Huskers' move to Big 10

Tevin Mitchell hails from Texas, yet he's going to play for the Huskers. But now the Huskers find themselves in the Big Ten, a conference which Tevin will be officially part of when he enrolls at Nebraska next year. How does this huge change for the Huskers impact someone living in the Lone Star State?

As one of the more recent commits to Nebraska, Texas native Tevin Mitchell probably hasn't immersed himself in all there is about Nebraska. He knew enough to commit, of course. But you could say that he's just getting his feet wet when it comes to getting a real feel for his new home.

And now that home is moving.

Well, not Nebraska, of course, but the conference in which they play may be floundering. But the new conference they will play is one of the longest standing traditions in college football.

But he's not a Big Ten kid. He didn't grow up watching Penn State. It was Texas, Oklahoma and, of course, the Huskers.

How does this dramatic move to this slight regional shift to the east in regards to where most games will be played impact him at this time?

It doesn't.

"It's football. I don't care where we play. I just want to play," Mitchell, who was commit no. 9 of the current class of 10 pledged to the Huskers.

If there is one downside for Mitchell, it's that the upcoming contest with Texas in Lincoln this year might be the last time Huskers hook up with the Horns for awhile. "I kind of wanted to play against Texas, because I really don't like them very much," said Mitchell who had close to 20 offers when he committed to the Big Red, from schools like Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Arkansas. "That's probably the only thing I wouldn't like."

But he maintained that the loss of that game won't take away from his commitment.

"I didn't commit to Nebraska, because of who they played. So, this really doesn't matter to me. That's where I want to be. And I think we get the Big Ten Network. So, it's all good in the end. I just want to play."



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