Feels like fate

In an effort to gauge the thoughts of Husker commits on the move of Nebraska to the Big Ten, Big Red Report decided to touch base with several prospects after the news became public. In this edition, we speak with a euphoric Kevin Williams, the touted defensive tackle from Springfield high school in Holland (OH).

When Kevin Williams committed to the Big Red back in April, there is no way he could have foreseen some of the changes that would be taking place with the Nebraska program since his commitment. Now with the Husker program poised to make their move to the Big Ten, Kevin says it's almost too good to be true.

"I love it", exclaimed Kevin. "My family will be able to come to all my road games now, everything will be a lot closer now, easier on them. And now I'll get a chance to play against the teams I grew up watching around here.

"I'll be looking forward to that Ohio State game, I can tell you that."

Kevin said when he first started to hear the rumors, he almost didn't want to listen. Not because he was against the move, or anything of that nature, he just didn't want to get his hopes up.

"I first heard about it around school, the news, stuff like that. Then, next thing I know, it's all over Sportscenter, I was just hoping it was true.

"Me and my family were talking, and it's just crazy how everything is going for me right now. I get a great offer from a school like Nebraska, commit, then this happens.

"It's like all these things I've done in my life have led me to this position. I really don't even now what to say, sometimes I just feel like its fate."

What are the people around you saying, are they as happy as you are?

"Everybody has been real supportive, my parents, family and friends are all in favor of it. I think Nebraska will be a good fit in the Big Ten too.

"My parents like it because OSU is like a two hour drive, Michigan is only about 45 minutes, and MSU is about two hours north from here. It's going to be nice.

"They have the Big Ten Network also, so all the games will be on there. It's a good situation."

You grew up watching all those programs play, do you think Nebraska can compete with the elite teams of that conference?

"Without a doubt," Kevin stated emphatically. "Nebraska already has some strong ties in Ohio and other states, and will get some great players in the future.

"OSU gets a lot of local recruits because they are the big name school, but now with another big time school coming in, things will open up. There are also a lot of great players in Michigan, Nebraska might start to recruit that area too.

"In my opinion, the top three schools in the conference now will be Nebraska, Ohio State and Penn State. Iowa and Wisconsin might have a few good years here and there."

Throughout the summer Kevin plans to stay busy, as his number one objective is to stay on course, and graduate early.

"I'm just working out a lot right now, like almost every day. I'm running a lot too, just to help keep me in shape. Soon I'll be taking a couple summer classes so I can graduate in December, and get to the campus in Lincoln early.

"I've got English and an Economics class, those are two senior requirements I have to have to graduate early."

So I guess we can safely say this move to the Big 10 by the Huskers won't affect your commitment to the Big Red?

"No way, it's all Nebraska for me, always has been, no matter where they go. This move just makes it sweeter."

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