Summer Snipits

Here are just some quick tidbits on some players from this last Summer session. We'll have lots more on this at some point.

Defensive tackle Mason Fuller was planning on attending one of the Summer sessions. But wasn't able to make it. "I had some finals this last week, so I couldn't make it up," he said. Fuller still considers Nebraska high on his list, though, he still doesn't have an offer from the Huskers as of yet.

Brandon Swindall was one of five campers from Millwood High School in Oklahoma City. He was joined by Kevonte Richardson, Michael Cole, Shevin Patton. Also there was teammate Josh Turner. But he did not participate in the camps. I caught up Swindall, who is being looked at as an athlete. He measures in at around 6-2 and 180 lbs. Swindall said he jumped nine feet in the broad jump test and that his pro agility run was a 4.56. Richardson is perhaps the most coveted of the group outside of Turner. But he came into this camp without an offer. We're still trying to touch base with him on how that camp went.

One of the more intriguing prospects was a sophomore, linebacker/athlete Michael Rose out of Rockhurst High School in Missouri. He measures in at around six-foot, and he weighs approximately 190 lbs. He tested well, but the one result which really impressed was his agility, his second attempt to be precise. He broke off a whopper of a time, running it in 4.16. "I was surprised. I ran a 4.4 before that, so when I saw how fast I ran that last one, I was pretty shocked."

This is actually Rose's fifth trip up to Nebraska, as he has been up for games, unofficial visits and other camps. He was a tackling machine for Rockhurst last year, totaling five short of a hundred tackles as well as forcing two fumbles and notching two sacks.

He is still not officially into his junior season as of yet. So, teams can't offer him in writing. But Rose said he obviously knows a lot about Nebraska, and added that his dad is a huge Nebraska fan. But other than the Huskers, Kansas, Iowa State, Illinois, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri have all been recruiting him as much as they can given the very limited amount of interaction they are allowed to have with a sophomore.

We are still trying to touch base with Jordan Phillips, a massive DT out of Kansas, who we believe was in this last weekend. And we are still trying to track down Zach Sterup, who recently got his offer from Notre Dame. There are some other names we are trying to track down as well. But call this the skinny for right now.

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