Admire back from camps

It was just a one day camp and then onto a team camp this past week for Dylan Admire. Admire, one of the four Nebraska offensive line commitments takes away some specific things to work on to get ready to play in Lincoln, but we also got to see was how the coaching staff works together and work with their players.

Dylan Admire has been on the go basically all week. The offensive line commitment from Overland Park (Kans.) Blue Valley West left Nebraska early in the week and was at team camp later in the week.

"We went to Pitt State as a team," Admire said. "We had a bunch of scrimmages and stuff here. I went to Lincoln for just one day and came back.

"I had a day off between camps when I was up at the school with my team and we were getting ready to go down to Pitt State for camp."

Admire said that the camp at Nebraska was a good time. He particularly enjoyed the extra time that he had to spend with his future position coach, head coach and recruiting coach.

"I had a lot of fun at camp. It was a great experience. I got a great chance to bond with the coaches like Coach Barney Cotton and Bo Pelini.

"I got there early and went up to talk with Coach Cotton for about an hour. And I also spoke with my recruiting coach, Carl Pelini."

Getting a chance to talk to the coaches was one thing, but getting to see how they conduct business on the field was another. Admire got a good feel for how things will go with Coach Cotton.

"I got to see how all of the coaches go about their business through our drills and through our testing at camp. I thought that I did well.

"Through the station drills, the 40 and everything else I really got a feel for how Coach Cotton coaches. That was good to see."

Coach Cotton gave Admire some things to work on in the off time. Admire plays right tackle in high school, but looks to move inside in college.

"It was a very positive experience. I came away from the camp with a few things like a few things that I am going to do with my technique.

"Coach Cotton said I will be a guard or a center there so he gave me some things to do this season to help me prepare for next year."

Admire just got out of two camps and while there aren't any more camp plans there are some busy times ahead for him and his team mates as they get ready for this fall.

"I will be starting on summer weights now and I plan on being up there everyday. I am not going to any other camps. I need some quality time with my team.

"We will be doing some offensive line workouts that will start a little later in July. My position coach in high school has been very helpful to me and my development."


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