No Commitment Yet

Daniel Davie hasn't committed. But it was apparently thought that at one point recently, he did just that. Well, he's going to, and the list is narrow as far as where he's looking. Now he just has to decide.

After taking his brother to the airport this weekend, Beatrice all-everything athlete Daniel Davie came back home for a little nap. When he awoke, he was in for a bit of a surprise. "18 missed calls, or something like that. From like five different people," Davie said.

Apparently, word started to spread that Davie was deciding this last weekend.

"I think someone called wanting to talk to me, and they got my mom. I think they were asking about when I might decide, and she said Sunday," Davie said. "But she didn't mean this Sunday. We are waiting for my dad to get back Next Sunday, and then we'll go out for dinner or something, talk about it and then go from there."

Davie has already managed to accomplish most of his goals this year, even before the year is officially half way through. He's now the state champ in the 100m, 200m and in a recent one-day camp at the University of Nebraska, he got his offer to play for the Big Red.

That now joins an offer from Kansas, and it's seeming as if it's between those two as we head down his recruiting home stretch.

There's a lot to think about, of course. He's a Michigan native, so the move to the Big Ten for the Huskers is a positive, especially for his dad, who obviously has plenty of tales from when he grew up watching football in that conference being played. But then there's Kansas, a team which has new head coach Turner Gill, someone both the older and younger Davie have grown very fond of since they met.

Kansas has recently had a bit of a strike against them as it hasn't been real clear cut just where they might go in regard to a conference, as the Big 12 seemed all but doomed for destruction. Now it would appear that for right now the old Big 12 minus Colorado and Nebraska, might just remain intact.

Davie likes that more than the proposed alternative. "I wasn't sure where they were going to go. I don't think I would have liked it very much if they would have ended up in the Mountain West or some conference like that. But I think maybe this conference is sticking together," he said. "That's better, because it's good competition and I'll obviously be playing road game a lot closer to home."

From the outside looking in, this would seem like Nebraska has the inside track, and while Kansas is a solid fit, Davie might eventually end up at NU. Davie doesn't know. He said he honestly doesn't, at least right now. That's what next Sunday and perhaps a few days after that, will be all about. Talking about the good, the bad and where he'll fit in best.



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