It's all starting to come back for Bender

When you are thinking about a quarterback academy, it's probably about showing what you have and picking up a few keys along the way. Little did Husker commit Jamal Turner know what or putting it more accurately, who would be there too. And no, not specifically other campers. For him, it made the entire trip.

"It went better than I thought it would."

That was Tay Bender talking about the quarterback camp at Nebraska, a three-event of sorts that just finished up today. It's one of those deals that's more teaching than competing. But there is still a lot of competing with yourself.

Bender said he wasn't sure how things would go. It's hard to tell with such things. But now that it's over he's not feeling real bad. "My throwing was really good compared to Texas. I am definitely getting back into it," he said. "When it came to those nets, it was kind of a rough start early on, but last night and today I was money.

"But it's how you throw in a game that matters. I don't really like those targets."

Amongst the other participants was fellow Lincolnite and rival, Darius Vick. And for guys who will eventually compete against each other, there was a nice cooperation between friends. "He would watch what I was doing and tell me something he might have seen. And then I would do the same for him," Bender said. "We were basically just trying to help each other."

Bender said that throughout the camp some of the coaches would come up, ask him who he was, where he was from, etc. And for the camp itself, Bender said there was a lot of stress on footwork, which suited him just fine. As for the conversations he had with the coaches following his experience at the camp, he said it was pretty simple for now. "They just said throw a highlight film together and get that to them when I can," he said.

Of course, he'll actually have to play some quarterback this year in order to do that, and that's still a ways away.

But in a week, Bender will get at least some sort of warm-up, as he is chomping at the bit to keep chucking it around now that he's finally starting to find his rhythm. "We have a 7-on-7 camp at Kansas this week, and I am really looking forward to that. I'm starting to get my timing back and everything. So, that should be a lot of fun," he said.

We'll touch base with Tay after that camp. So, stay tuned as this sophomore keeps working it and getting ready for his junior campaign.


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