Move to Big Ten intriguing to Coffman

When Nebraska announced the move to the Big Ten last week, one of the questions on the minds of Husker fans would inevitably be, how would the move affect recruits looking at the Big Red? In this latest update, Cameron Coffman talks about that, his performance in the QB camp in Lincoln, and where the Huskers fit on his list of favorites.

Since fans rarely get a look at what goes on at Quarterback camp, to start off, I asked Cameron to describe his day in Lincoln at the camp, from beginning to end.

"I got there at the start of the camp, and my dad (Paul Coffman) came with me. We both have been there several times, so we kind of knew what to expect, but it's still always a good trip there.

"We had enrollment at like noon, right after that we checked in, they got our height and weights (6-2/180), then they gave us our room keys to go get situated. Then we met back with everybody and they fed us, which was real good, I liked everything I had on my plate," laughed Coffman.

"After they assigned everybody a jersey with a number on it, we went to this big meeting room with all the coaches, they talked to us for a little bit. Then we broke off into groups, obviously I was with the quarterbacks, there were probably 120 QB's there in different classes. There were also a lot of coaches from other colleges that were assisting with everything too.

"They also gave us all pens and a pad so we could take notes, which I did a lot of. It also had an itinerary on it for the day, I thought that was really helpful.

"Next we started to do drills with our footwork, with three and five step drops. Coach Wats was showing us the proper way to hold the ball, helping us with our mechanics. We also learned about how to read defenses, you know, like what to look for in this or that situation. It went pretty in-depth, that was the best part, and I really enjoyed that part.

"And that's how it went pretty much the rest of the day. We would go back and forth from the meeting room to the field and work on things. On the field they set up nets, and we would have competitions throwing to them. They would set one up as a hitch, and after we take a three step drop, if you make it in the net you get so many points. It's a good way to keep everybody competing."

Do remember any of the numbers you put up in the timed drills?

"I ran the forty in 4.79, then it was like 9-foot-3 on the broad jump, and the shuttle was 4.28."

I know that Jamal Turner, the touted Husker QB commit from Texas was also there. Did your paths cross at anytime while you were on campus?

"Yeah, I actually hung out with him a lot. He was my partner in all the drills. I thought we got along real well, he was pretty cool, I liked him. He seemed to have a good attitude about everything."

Since Nebraska already has a quarterback in the fold, does that hurt their chances landing you?

"Not at all, I'm honestly not worried about it. Anywhere I go there will competition in my class and already on the roster. If anything, coming in with a player like Jamal, would push me to work that much harder.

"I pride myself on being a hard worker, and always have. I'm of the mindset nobody is going to outwork me, wherever I go. I'll just try to get better every day, the rest is in the coach's hands."

You've been to Nebraska several times now, seen games in Lincoln, and carried the offer from the Huskers for quite some time. Are they still equal with the other teams you're considering, or have they moved up any?

"I guess you could say I'm leaning towards Nebraska, I'm not quite ready to commit or anything. I want to wait a little while before I commit, but I really like Nebraska right now."

What transpired on this visit that elevated Nebraska in your mind?

"This time I got to talk to coach Bo a few times, and coach Watson a lot too. That was my first time meeting coach Bo, and it went good. He said he likes me a lot, and wants me to keep in touch with them. I like coach Watson too, we get along great. He told me some of the same things, he said the staff likes what they see in me, and they want me to come there pretty much."

But it seems one thing in particular, that was just announced last week, could help put Nebraska over the top.

"Nebraska moving to the Big Ten really, really interests me. I think it would be awesome to play those big schools like Ohio State, Penn State and Michigan. Some of those stadiums are over 100,000 fans, and I've always dreamed of playing against teams in a stadium like that, in an atmosphere like that. That's another reason I like Nebraska, they have such a big home crowd.

"Plus, don't get me wrong, I'm a quarterback that likes to throw, but I like the style of offenses they run in the Big Ten. They (Big Ten) run the ball a lot, which Nebraska wants to do too. I like that, because I think everything needs to go through the run, so you can set up the pass. In my opinion, if you want a really good passing game, you better have a good running game too. They have to complement each other to work properly.

"So if you're asking me, I think it was a great move for Nebraska."

With one other trip set for later this month, Cameron says a decision could come at anytime after.

"I'm head down to the camp at Alabama in a couple weeks, I've been getting a lot of mail from them, for awhile. They told me they've only offered one kid in my class, and it doesn't look like he will go there. They said I'm in the group right behind him with some other players, so they want to eye-ball me and the others down there before they do anything with an offer.

"After that visit I'll have a better idea what I want to do. I had thought about waiting to commit, but now I'm starting to feel like if I get that gut feel, once I know in my mind where I want to go, I'll just go head and do it."


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