The Best Decision

The competition at the wide receiver position could get very interesting over the summer. The Huskers are bringing in players like Quincy Enunwa and Kenny Bell who are longer bodies and have good speed. But the one player that could be the most exciting to hear about his progress is Stanley Jean-Baptiste. Baptiste will join the Huskers after the 4th of July.

As an added jolt to the 2010 recruiting class for Nebraska the Huskers will be adding junior college wide out Stanley Jean-Baptiste. Jean-Baptiste, a 6-foot-3 and 212-pound wide receiver, says the decision to attend Nebraska needed to happen now or possibly not at all.

"It was real tough," Jean-Baptiste said. "It was just real tough because there were so many teams that were interested in me for next year. Oklahoma was looking at me and so was Florida State.

"If I would have gone back this year, I would have gone to one of those two schools. Nebraska didn't waste any time and said that they wanted me to come in right now. They want me to come in and compete."

Jean-Baptiste had the opportunity to stay at Fort Scott or go on to Nebraska right now. The decision for him was tough, but he felt like he stood to learn a lot more at Nebraska.

"I felt like I would be a better player in the long run to go to Nebraska. I need to learn more about the receiver position at a better school playing DI ball."

Also, there is a year that Jean-Baptiste would "lose" by not being at Nebraska. Learning the offense at Nebraska is tough. Also, there is definitely an advantage to getting into Nebraska's strength and conditioning program right now.

"This year is more about learning the offense and getting that head start. I am going to start on the offense as soon as I get there for summer school on July 6."

Out of prep school Jean-Baptiste was set to attend Colorado. After he had to enroll at Fort Scott the Buffalos were still in the picture, but now he will be facing Colorado. Jean-Baptiste hadn't thought about that scenario yet.

"That is going to be crazy. I haven't really thought about that. Colorado wasn't a school that I was considering since high school. They have been recruiting me since prep school.

"Out of high school I was going to go to Oregon. When I went to prep school and then to junior college I was getting recruited by Colorado. It's going to be strange to play against them."

There is always something to consider about a team when it comes to their opponents and conference. The Huskers will be moving to the Big 10, but Baptiste is looking forward to the move.

"That is a good conference. With teams like Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan it's good competition. Going to the Big 10 doesn't take away from my decision to go to Nebraska. They will be good competition.

"I am looking forward to it actually. I have heard about the fans at Michigan, at the Big House, and I have heard about their fans. I have heard that they have pretty good fans."

The decision to leave Fort Scott might not have been easy, but it was the best thing for Jean-Baptiste to do. Everything he is hearing about Nebraska as a team has him fired up to be a part of it.

"This was the best decision for me. I see the way things are going at Nebraska. I see how they are developing as a team. The players that were at Fort Scott are telling me good things.

"The coaches at Nebraska are telling me that they are on their way to getting a National Championship. They are making their players better and stronger. I am trying to get to the NFL then it makes it a good decision."

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