Allen high on NU after camp

Just this week, Nebraska extended a scholarship offer to Taariq Allen, a WR/S prospect from Weston (MA). Allen was in for a Husker camp last week. And after a call made to the head coach in Lincoln on Wednesday, Allen says the Huskers have officially entered the mix for his services. Get the latest inside.

I hear you got some good news from Nebraska earlier this week, is that the case?

"Yeah, I got the offer yesterday (Wednesday). My coach gave me a number for me to call coach Bo back at Nebraska. He (Bo Pelini) said that it was down to me and a few other players, but the staff made a decision that was unanimous, and offered me.

"This is a big one for me, I had a great time on my visit there. Nebraska is high on my list, all they way at the top. Coach Bo said they were looking at me and three other guys that were there for that one offer. He just said they liked me the best."

What were your impressions of the coaches, campus, facilities, and other amenities the school has to offer?

"Everything in Lincoln is top of the line, for sure. I could tell the football players get treated like kings out there, everything you need is like right there for you. It's a real good place, I got a good vibe from all the coaches too.

"But I saw everything while I was there, the campus, weight room, stadium, all that stuff. It was all really amazing to me. They are also building some new stuff, because Ndamukong Suh donated all that money for the new weight room, two million dollars I think it was. With that added, the place will be even more crazy.

"I like the town of Lincoln too, I mean it's not a big city or anything, but it was a nice college town."

Coming into the visit, were you at all familiar with the Nebraska program?

"Not until this past year. Only thing I knew about Husker football before this visit was Ndamukong Suh. I watched them play a lot last year because of him. I think he should have won the Heisman, he got robbed in my eyes, it was sort of a joke. They just didn't want to give a defensive lineman credit for what he did."

Do you have any other offers as of now?

"Yeah, I've had one from Wisconsin for a long time. I got it back when school was still in, since the early spring. I got Tulane not too long ago, and then of course now Nebraska. Uconn sounds like they will offer soon too, I'll hit up there camp this weekend, and they've said they will offer once they get a chance to see me up-close."

How did you hear about the camp in Lincoln? Has NU been in on you for awhile?

"I don't think they were recruiting me at all before the camp. My head coach is good friends with the staff at Nebraska and coach Pelini. So my coach said ‘hey, I got this camp I really think you should go to', so I was like cool, let's go. Now I'm glad I made the trip."

What about the distance, how do you feel about leaving the area you grew up in for college? Could this hamper things with you and the Huskers?

"I can see myself leaving for college, I can. I could see myself playing at a big school like Nebraska. So I really don't see location as being a problem or anything. Me and my family talked about that when I got back from Lincoln, and we all felt I could leave if that's the best place for me. And my parents just want to see me succeed, they don't really care how far away it is."

Talk to the fans about yourself a little, what positions you play in high school, and what are your strongpoints?

"I play both sides of the ball. I play free safety and I play wide receiver and a little running back in high school. I don't really like to brag on myself, but I guess you could say I play fast and always play hard. I guess when you do those two things a lot of good things can happen, you know?

"The college coaches say they like my hands and my work ethic because I'm a hard worker. Those are the things I would call my strengths. I have good size (6-2/184) and speed (4.44) too."

What about in college, have teams talked about where you'll fit in on the D-1 level? And do you have a favorite position?

"I would say I see myself as an offensive player in college, but if the coaches wanted or needed me to switch to defense and play safety or something, I'm all for it. I'll probably just come in as an athlete, and then go from there."

Have you thought at all about what your decision will come down to? Will it be the football program itself, the facilities, the type of education you will receive? What are the most important things in your mind?

"For me, number one, I want to play for a good program in football. Then I would say the people around the program, like the coaches, trainers and other players on the team. I want to have a good relationship with those people I'll be around for four or five years. And I want to play for a school that plays on that big stage like Nebraska, I like playing in front of a packed stadium.

"Also I want to get a degree in Business Management, so a school with good graduation rates is important to me."

What's your timeline for a commitment?

"I definitely want to make an early decision, that way I don't have to worry about recruiting during my senior year. I just want to focus on my schoolwork and getting better at the game. If I go ahead and commit to a school, I don't have to worry about where I'm going. I'm thinking at the end of August I'll be ready."

When asked if the move to the Big Ten conference by Nebraska would have any bearing on his decision, he said "Oh yeah, I liked that a lot. They would be playing more towards the area I'm from, so my family could get to a game or two a lot easier". And Taariq won't be making this decision alone, as several people will have an impact on which college program he chooses. "This decision will come down to me, my mother and father, and my head coach. We'll all kind of do this together."

Taariq Allen will be heading to UConn this weekend for a camp, where an offer is expected to come. As always, Big Red Report will stay on top of his recruitment, and bring you the latest as it comes in.

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