Shoff comments on visit

Back in 2008, there was a big sophomore that made his way to Nebraska summer camp and didn't even need to participate. That player was Andrew Rodriguez. The story about Mike Shoff of Sutton (Nebr.), soon to be Cambridge, is much the same. People saw him on the football field and the wrestling mat and said that he was huge beyond his years. Today Shoff was in Lincoln for an unofficial visit.

This is a busy recruiting weekend for Nebraska who is already hosting Bubba Starling, but also one of the state's best for 2012 in Mike Shoff. Shoff a 6-foot-6 and 290-pound prospect from Sutton (Nebr.) who will be moving to Cambridge just finished up the visit.

"We are on the road now," Shoff said. "We just left. I was in Lincoln today for the visit. It went pretty well. I didn't take a tour because I had been up here a few times before.

"I really wanted to get some individual time with the coaches today. I got a chance to talk to Bo Pelini for a while and also Marvin Sanders, John Papuchis and Carl Pelini too."

Shoff said that the time with the coaches he didn't know as well as his recruiting coach went well. He also made a good connection with the strength and conditioning coach while he was in town today.

"We connected really well with all of the coaches that we spoke with. I already had a good relationship with Barney Cotton who has been recruiting me. I also met James Dobson the conditioning coach. He was great to talk to."

Shoff is arguably one of the top players in the state for 2012. He wasn't holding an offer from Nebraska going into the visit, but did he pick up one while he was in Lincoln?

"I didn't have an offer going into the visit today and I didn't get one today either. But, I am supposed to call Coach Cotton back next Monday or Tuesday after he has a chance to talk to Coach Bo Pelini and I think that I might get one then."

Shoff was a name that many wondered if he would be at camp and how things would go with him. When he wasn't there many wondered what had happened to him that didn't allow him to attend.

"I did hurt my knee, but I am not quite sure what I did yet. I didn't go to camp because of it. I could barely walk the week of camp. I am not really sure what's going to happen right now with my knee."

The Nebraska staff has a busy weekend with at least Mike Shoff and Bubba Starling in town this weekend. Shoff said he caught a glimpse of Starling at the end of his visit. "I think that I did see him right before the end of my visit. I didn't know who he was, but I knew that was another recruit."


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