"This is the right place"

It's something to get a division offer in one sport, but on the heels of a commitment to Nebraska, Bubba Starling says that some of the pressure is off and some remains. Literally emails started to come in for the standout from Garner (Kans.) Garner-Edgerton asking him to still consider their schools. Starling says that Nebraska is the right place for him.

At 6-foot-5 and 190-pounds, Bubba Starling is a two-sport standout that has led him to the top of the recruiting lists as a quarterback and as a baseball player. Following his commitment to Nebraska he enlisted the help of his mom to get everyone called back for interviews.

"My phone had been going a little crazy," Starling said. "I asked my mom to listen to my voice messages and make me a little list of people to call back."

Starling may never know what his recruiting experience could have been because he literally shut things down pretty early on. Out of the offers he was considering playing both sports in college was high on his list of things to look for.

"I had 10 or 11 offers and I could have had more, but I started telling schools to stop and that I had the schools that I wanted to take a closer look at.

"From there I narrowed things down to Nebraska and Notre Dame. They wanted me to play both sports and I liked the coaches at both schools as well.

"The difference was Notre Dame recently fired their baseball coach. That just kind of happened. I also just feel like I get a long better with the coaches better at Nebraska."

It's really arguable which sport at Nebraska has better facilities; the football team or the baseball team? It's win-win for Starling because he will use both, but he couldn't tell you whose are actually better.

"They're both top-notch. I can't tell you which one is better. I went through both yesterday and today and I was amazed. The people have been great to me around here.

"I really felt at home and I have been waiting to feel that for a while. I could commit knowing that and get it out of the way. It alleviates some of the stress."

One of the things that definitely came up in Starling's decision was distance. Nebraska is just hours away from home. Starling also noted that the academic support that Nebraska offers its athletes stood out to him.

"It definitely does. It's just a little over three hours up to Nebraska from my home and it's probably three times that to Notre Dame and I just love that.

"Also, school is going to be tough wherever you go. I also felt like Dennis LeBlanc was really easy to work with as an academic advisor and I really liked him."

Many Nebraska fans are worried about what might happen next June with the baseball draft. Starling is standing by what he has been saying the whole time.

"I have told people this all long and that is that I am going to these places to see the school because I am looking at playing college football and baseball.

"You don't just get a chance to play quarterback at a great school at this high of a level. I have done all of these things leading up to my commitment for a reason.

"And it's been tough. I have been playing a lot of baseball over the summer and I am excited to go to college. I am just looking forward to it."

To be a good two sport athlete in college requires a level of dedication that few are willing to make. To really excel at both is a level of effort that Nebraska has spoke to Starling about and that he is willing to do.

"It's all about how much you work at it. Let's say I am in football. After I get my football workout in and homework I can't take time off. I need to get my time in at baseball too.

"I know that it's going to be tough. But to really be the best at something you have to work at it. I am prepared to make the effort to be as good as I can be in both sports."

Now Starling faces two immediate challenges when it comes to recruiting. The first is the baseball recruiting period. The second is the football recruiting period. Starling was getting emails immediately following the news of his commitment to Nebraska asking him to remain open to their school.

"I have thought of that and I am glad that I have gotten this out of the way and released some of the stress and pressure. People are still emailing me now about baseball.

"On July 1, I will start getting calls about baseball because that's when the baseball coaches can start calling. I know that I will go through it again with football.

"What I know is that I have been to all of these places and I have worked so hard to do it and I know that this is the right place. This is the right place. This is the one that I like."

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