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Antony Sarao took his SAT, and now it's a waiting game for the results. Nebraska fans might be selfish in hoping he doesn't quite make it, because if he doesn't the Huskers are looking good for the New Jersey linebacker. But is Nebraska in it even if he does make it, especially with the move to the Big Ten?

When Antony Sarao returned from his visit to Nebraska, he said it hit all the right marks. But the problem was, at least for Husker fans, he was and still is a commit to Stanford.

That's been the sticking point, as Sarao needed to get a 1,500 or better on his SAT, which combined with his GPA, would be good enough to ensure his future as a member of the Cardinal.

With the test now in the rearview mirror, Sarao is confident, even if his SAT doesn't hit the mark. "My grades are good enough, I'm honestly not worried at all. I think I am going to be fine," he said.

Prior to his visit to Nebraska, Husker fans would have all but written him off after hearing that. But based on his thoughts coming out of the trip into Lincoln, they think they might yet have some hope. Sarao said that the visit went so well that it was going to take him some thinking long and hard about what he wanted to do.

Well, Nebraska potentially had another thing work in their favor recently, that being the overly publicized move to the Big Ten. Sarao is a Jersey kid. So, one has to wonder what the new and closer proximity of games would do to perhaps put Nebraska even more into the picture.

Sarao said it didn't have an impact at all.

"Distance doesn't mean anything. I mean, I'm committed to Stanford, and that's a lot farther away then Nebraska," he said.

But he admitted that the move of Nebraska to the Big Ten, was a solid one for the program. "It's a good choice. I think they could dominate there, to be honest," he said. "They have a great defense, and you can see Nebraska is on their way back."

As to the inevitable question regarding his test scores, does Nebraska still have enough momentum in recruiting to persuade him to take another look, even if he gets the all-clear for Stanford? Will he remain committed to Stanford no matter what?

Simply put, Sarao said "Yeah."

We'll have to wait until around the 25th of this month, the date when Sarao says he'll get his results back. And at that point we'll touch base with him and see.

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