NU commit not fazed by conference shakeup

Aaryn Bouzos says the move of Nebraska to the Big Ten will have no impact on his commitment. And while he was looking forward to testing his skills against the Longhorns, Sooners and other Big 12 foes, Aaryn thinks playing against the likes of Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State could even be more appealing. In this latest update, we go one-on-one with the west coast DB.

Well, I take it you've heard the news about Nebraska making the conference switch, to the Big Ten?

"Yeah Kevin, I have heard about it. I was just watching Sportcenter one night and they were just talking about how college football is changing. With all the talk about this team going here and that team going there, you really don't know what to believe. Then they said it looked like it was a done deal, and Nebraska would be going to the Big Ten. I was in shock a little, to be honest.

"I personally liked the way the Big 12 was set up, all the teams that were involved in that conference, I thought were good teams."

Is it a negative in your mind?

"Oh no, no way, it's not a negative at all. We'll be playing against other teams with great tradition like Penn State, Ohio State and Michigan. I mean those are powerhouse programs. But I think when we get in there and start playing those teams, they might not be ready. Nebraska brings in a lot of talent too, so it should be pretty competitive.

"I think the move to the Big Ten is a positive really. As much as I liked the Big 12, I think the Big Ten could be better top to bottom. That's more fun if you ask me. From what I've heard it will help the academic side of things at Nebraska, so I really like that too."

What about your dad, does agree with you?

"My dad loves it, he thought it was great news. He thought for sure that once Nebraska left, the Big 12 would fall apart. He likes the idea of Nebraska playing those schools in the Big Ten, he was talking about how great the match-ups will be."

Unlike most kids on the east coast, Aaryn is still in school and won't hit his break for a few more days.

"I have two more days left, and then I'm out for summer. We are taking our finals right now, after that I'll be done. I'm looking forward to the summer though, but I don't plan to just sit around and relax."

How will you stay busy?

"I'll definitely be training every day, working out with weights, speed training, all that stuff. I'm going to focus on doing a lot of drills too, like strictly football drills. I'll probably get in a few passing leagues, just to keep me sharp. It will really be nothing but football, football, football all summer long."

Are you still getting mail from other schools since you committed to NU, have other programs backed off?

"I still get mail from other schools, but I don't respond to any of it. I'm not worried about what other schools have to offer, that's why I committed to Nebraska. Some of the schools did back off once I committed, but like I said, others are still sending me stuff."

How about you, do you have any regrets about making an early decision? Do you still feel strong about your commitment to Nebraska?

"You know Kevin, I do. Maybe even a little stronger. I'm solid on my commitment to Nebraska, and I can't see anything changing that. I'm already thinking about my visit out there, I'm coming to that Texas game for my official. I want to see that game in person, coach Bo will have the team ready, and I think Nebraska will come out on top."


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